The Man With The Tattered Smile


This file is currently the subject of an Ethics Committee investigation. Details may change.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

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Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Euclid Explained


SCP-0000 after initial removal attempt of instances.

Special Containment Procedures: The island has been closed off under the pretense of a wildlife preserve for the nesting colony of the Balearic Shearwater. Trees have been transplanted to conceal SCP-0000 from off-shore observers.

Requests for testing

Description: SCP-0000 is an ash tree measuring 4m in height, located on an uninhabitated island off the western coast of Norway. Beyond grass and lichen, no other plant life is present on the island.

Several animals, designated as SCP-0000-A instances, are located in and around the tree. Attempts to remove them have failed, as the instances have repeatedly escaped foundation custody to return to the tree.

  • SCP-0000-A-1 to 4: Four stags (Cervus elaphus) located in the upper branches, grazing occasionally on leaves. Despite each weighing around 191 to 200 kg, they have the ability to walk on the lightest branches without breakage.
  • SCP-0000-A-5 and 6: A Eurasian sparrowhawk sitting on the head of a white-tailed eagle, on an alcove in the middle of the tree. Both instances do not move on their own volition.
  • SCP-0000-A-7: A male eurasian red squirrel. A-7 spends most of its time running between A-6's location, and into several small burrows located around the bottom of SCP-0000.
  • SCP-0000-A-8: Believed to be residing in a burrow underneath SCP-0000. While A-8 has not been observed by the Foundation, extrapolation based on previous SCP-0000-A instances has assumed it to be a possibly anomalous serpentine entity.

SCP-0000-B is a noose found hanging from SCP-0000.

SCP-0000 was first discovered by representatives from the Ministry of Climate and Environmental Affairs that were conducting a wildlife survey of endangered seabird species. SCP-0000 quickly gained notoriety among Norse mythology enthusiasts, until Foundation agents impersonated the agents and released confessions admitting that they had faked the photographs out of boredom.

Testing of SCP-0000-B has been barred, pending Ethics Committee approval.

Addendum 0000.1: Audio Log of Interest #1

Doctor Eric Zartion

Doctor Lotar Kilen


Kilen: You must be Zartion, right? I've heard about you. Researcher Lotar Kilen, from Site-40. Pleasure to meet you.

Zartion: Likewise. Er, I thought Olafsson was assigned to this anomaly?

Kilen: Scedhuling delay for Lunar Area-32, vis a vis SCP-120. Transportation's been delayed until next month, so they called me instead. So, what do we know about SCP-0000 so far?

Zartion: Well, we have the stags, the eagle, even a mini Ratatoskr. As far as we can tell, it's a perfect representation of Yggdrasil.

Kilen: Hmm. No Nidhogg?

Zartion: There's a burrow underneath the tree. We havent dug it out, dont want to disturb it, but considering the myths, I'm assuming there's some sort of serpent underneath the tree.

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