Once upon a time…

Upon the lakes of creation,

There came to be an owl. This owl formed from all things and into nothing.
She was the first of her kind.

So the owl came to be the first to climb the tree. And it was there the owl rested.
But the owl soon noticed everything below her. Things similar to her.
And so the owl realized that order was needed, for things would quickly fall to chaos.
So she created a kingdom above all things, with her as its ruler.
It was perfection.
But below, was chaos. Reality fought, trying to climb the tree or to capture what little falling pieces of perfection.
The owl took it upon herself to keep order.
And so the Age of the Owl began.
And it was perfection.
But soon, even the great owl grew tired.
And with her wavering watch, there came to be those who grew jealous of the Great Owl above all things and they conspired behind her back.
They soon launched an attack against her. Before she could react, they killed several of her citizens. Without hesitation, they were obliterated from reality itself without effort in an instant. Every presence of them was simply erased. But though her power was great, not even the owl could bring back those they had killed.
It was then that the owl realized that even if she were perfect, she still had only two eyes. But there was no one to replace her. And with sadness, she went back to her perch at the top of all things. And watched.
And time passed…

The fox appears.
And the owl smiles.
Then splits itself into twelve pieces.
12 Owls and the Fox.

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