The Power Of Faith
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The following document has been updated to include the Anomaly Classification System. The previous classification formatting remains for posterity.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Nephi

Special Containment Procedures: All forms of belief or religion are to be contained against belief in publicly anomalous events. Primarily, this will consist of spreading the belief that miracles and divine events are clandestine events. Additionally, the Foundation is to promote minor anti-religious studies in order to properly contain the beliefs of various religions or ideologies which may not conform to consensus reality. Where necessary, the Foundation is to contain anomalies of reliquary nature.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the concept of faith. Whenever a sufficient proportion of the human population1 has faith or belief in a concept, object, entity, or action, reality is retroactively restructured in order to match said belief.

SCP-XXXX only espouses "positive" faiths, or faith in the existence of something. SCP-XXXX has no effect on "negative" faiths, or faith in anything's lack of existence or effect. Notably, this may result in multiple belief systems simultaneously existing, even when they contradict, allowing for multiple different realities to simultaneously manifest in the baseline. This also allows for the existence of objects that a significant proportion of humans do not believe in, most typically anomalous objects, though it may also suggest that now-defunct religions or beliefs may still exist to some capacity.

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