The Redactinator-J

Item #: SCP-49██-J

Object Class: ██████

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-49██-J is to be contained in a ██████████████████████████████████████ spanning approximately ██████ yards. While in containment, █████████ are to be crushed into a fine powder, and ████████████ in the nearby "safety garbage disposal." If any ██████████████████ are to escape captivity, on-site personnel are to █████████████████████ and █████████████████████.

Description: SCP-41██-J consists of ██████ and a █████████. When in proximity to any individual, the individual will become drawn to SCP-41██-J's presence. When in a range of 6in. or less, SCP-41██-J will proceed to █████████████████████, and insert it's ███████ into the individual's ███. The ██████ is then retracted back into its ██████. The individual affected will then go catatonic for roughly 30 seconds, then will proceed to ██████ any nearby documents. Once the individual begins, it will not stop ██████ until it has left the containment room of SCP-41██-J, or if it is administered an injection of C-41██-J. Note: SCP-41██-J may only have a maximum of ██ host at a time.

No on-site personnel can determine why individuals in proximity to SCP-41██-J are drawn to ██████████████████. Many suggest that the insertion of SCP-41██-J's ██████ into individuals' █████ may lead to the profuse ██████ that occurs.

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