The Reunion

Item Number: SCP-4076

Object Class: [REDACTED]

Special Containment Procedures: Quarantine Site Zulu-9 has been established around ground zero of the SCP-4076 phenomenon, and is to be staffed entirely by personnel fitting criteria "Null-Engram". Due to the current shortage of viable personnel within our organisation, The Department of Analytics has been tasked with identifying civilians to facilitate ongoing containment of SCP-4076. Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") is responsible for the procurement of these civilians. All conscripts are to be granted Level-5/4076 clearance for the duration of their tenure.

Due to the virulence of SCP-4076 and its related phenomena, contact between Zulu-9 and the outside world is to be mediated through Artificially Intelligent Constructs. The delivery of requested materials, as well as general resource replenishment, must remain fully automated.

Waste materials from Zulu-9 will periodically arrive at Site-19 within black body bags. Personnel are to make no attempts to identify their contents, and are not permitted to interact with them beyond facilitating their incineration.

Null Engram Disqualifiers: The following is a list of attributes which disqualify a candidate for Null-Engram status:

  • Former participation in after-school clubs or extra-curricular activities, including as an organizer or educator.
  • Former inclusion in any concert band, marching band, or any musical ensemble during adolescence.
  • Prior attendance of any form of summer camp.
  • Having completed an upper-secondary education at an American high school or equivalent institution.
  • Attendance to any Homecoming dance events within such a facility, regardless of context.
  • Being born or conceived prior to December 31st, 1976.

Further information is classified 5/4076.


The following document contains information and images of a sensitive nature, and may not be safe for viewing. If you accessed this file by accident, and do not possess "Null Engram" clearance, DO NOT PROCEED.

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