The Roaring One
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Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000-1 is located in Biological Area-24-2, which has been designed to replicate the environmental conditions of a Mediterranean forest. Weekly maintenance of its habitat is conducted after the deliverance of wine laced with 2.5 milligrams of Carfentanil. In the event of a site-wide breach by external forces, an automated drone will be deployed to assist SCP-0000-1 in returning to its containment area.

In return for testimony on SCP-0000, SCP-0000-1 has been granted certain privileges, such as:

  • Smoked whale meat twice a week
  • Several grapevines implanted into its containment area, cared for during weekly maintenance.
  • The presence of a male jaguar (Panthera onca) in a sub-containment area within its own.

Description: SCP-0000-1 is the only known instance of a species of anomalous humanoids, referred to as SCP-0000. Due to SCP-0000-1's heavily scarred state, information on what has been classified as homo vinum1 is limited.

SCP-0000 specimens are assumed to be similar in appearance to homo sapiens, barring several abnormalities found in DNA analysis. Tests conducted with SCP-0000-1 reveal that specimens possess limited regenerative capabilities which can be purposely altered, suggesting the ability to change their appearance. Compared to homo sapiens, SCP-0000 specimens have extremely heightened physical capabilities, sense of taste and alcoholic tolerance. SCP-0000-1 has been observed to be able to dismember humans with ease and consume up to ten gallons of pure ethanol in a single sitting with no ill effects beyond minor to moderate drunkenness.

SCP-0000 specimens are able to enthrall humans through an unspecified process that requires physical contact. While the specimens eat and sleep, the thralls2 gather food, seek out additional thralls, and produce rudimentary wine from fermented grapes.

Addendum 0000.1: SCP-0000-1 Discovery

SCP-0000 was first discovered in 2018, after significant media attention was created around a recent spate of kidnappings in northwestern Gujarat, India. Foundation assets in the area tracked the kidnappings to an abandoned warehouse, where a heavily burned SCP-0000-1 resided on a pile of rags with 23 thralls, several of which had to be terminated due to hostility.

Upon retrieval of SCP-0001, the agents were accosted by a group of women armed with bows, demanding for the handover of the anomaly before opening fire. Despite outdated weaponry, they were able to kill two agents before they were forced to flee.

SCP-0000-1's extensive injuries have resulted in its inability to speak for extended periods of time or stand upright. Transportation of the anomaly has required the use of an automated pallet dolly, as SCP-0000-1 displays violence at attempts at physical contact. While psychologists have cautioned that SCP-00000-1's mind is structured differently than humans, the instance appears to have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as severe pyrophobia.

Interviewed: SCP-0000-1

Interviewer: Doctor Holloway


Holloway: Good morning, SCP-0000-1. How are we feeling today?

SCP-0000-1: It hurts. Give me the wine.

Holloway: Wine comes after, you know the drill.

SCP-0000-1 bangs its fist on the ground, creating a sizeable crater.

SCP-0000-1: Give it, now. Or I don't talk.

[Holloway nods to the guard, who pushes the bottle of wine over. SCP-0000-1 breaks off the cork, quickly consuming it before throwing it away.]

SCP-0000-1: More.

Holloway: No. Now we talk.

SCP-0000-1: What about?

Holloway: How much do you know about Ancient Greek mythology?

[SCP-0000-1 begins to laugh, before being wracked with coughs.]

SCP-0000-1: Ah. You mean- [coughs] you mean Dionysus. You want to know [coughs] about Dionysus.

Holloway: Yes, we've noticed some striking similarities between your kind and mythological depictions. Panthers, wine, maenads, past the level of coincidental. I suppose the question is, are you aware of him? As a famous ancestor, or perhaps-

SCP-0000-1: Yes. I am him.

Holloway: Oh. Well, I-

SCP-0000-1: And my great grandsire. And his grandsire, and- [coughs] and his. All of us were him. Back to antiquity.

Holloway: Ah. So there never was a god in the first place. Just stories of your kind turning from tales to myths to legends to deities.

SCP-0000-1: Lies that we helped. It served us. We were seen as gods. Our food and wine came to us, with mates. It was a golden age.

Holloway: Hmm. So what changed, then?

[SCP-0000-1 remains silent.]

Holloway: In my fifty years at the Foundation, I haven't so much as heard of a whisper of any homo vinum ever existing in Greece. I don't think anyone has, certainly not anyone I've ever met. The only one ever found was in India, hiding away on a pile of rags in a warehouse, burnt to a crisp.

So I ask again. What happened?

[SCP-0000-1 remains silent. Holloway motions for the security guard to hand him another bottle.]

Holloway: 1950's Hellenistic, produced at a vineyard on the island of Crete. Had some myself, marvelous vintage. I could finish it myself, if you're not thirsty…

[SCP-0000-1 grunts, reaching for the bottle, which is pushed over to its side of the containment area.]

SCP-0000-1: We were gods. But even gods had foes. We were erased. Our children were killed, our homes- [coughs] our homes burnt. They saw to destroy us.

Holloway: What, humans?

SCP-0000-1: Not you. Us. Gods. The Olympians.

[SCP-0000-1 utters a short, bitter laugh and motions at its skin, which continues its struggle to regenerate.]

SCP-0000-1: They were… unkind.


Addendum 0000.2: Three months after recovery of SCP-0000-1, Foundation Agent Elizabeth Moines received a phone call.

Interviewed: SCP-5721-1 "Eris/Discordia"

Interviewer: Director Elias Lycus


Lycus: Director Lycus speaking. Am I speaking to Eris or Discordia?

SCP-5721-1: Chaos is chaos. Not much of a difference these days.

Lycus: Very well then. Can I ask why you're calling us?

SCP-5721-1: Well a couple days ago, some of my siblings knocked down my door, complaining that the Foundation took something of theirs, an anomaly you picked up in India a couple months ago. And since they figured you guys and I had a rapport, they wanted me to talk to you guys.

Lycus: I'm not sure what you mean, though even if I did happen to know, I wouldn't be permitted to share classified data with outside forces.

SCP-5721-1: Come on, the Iacchian? The Dionysian guy. I know it was your suits at the warehouse. Pro tip: you probably shouldn't let your junior staff access the database at home, especially if their kids have a discord account.

[A brief pauses ensues as Lycus alerts security to a data breach.]

Lycus: Alright, let's say we have the anomaly you're talking about. Why would you even want it?

SCP-5721-1: Personally, I don't care that much, they're pretty much on their last legs, I'm fine with just waiting out the clock. But my siblings are a bit more… actively pursuing that.

Lycus: Your siblings being? The mythology is a bit inconsistent.

SCP-5721-1: Oh, just Ares, Hermes, and Artemis. And her attendants, which I think you ran into at the warehouse. Apollo's off on vacation, Hephaestus couldn't care less about it, and Athena… well I don't want to play into the whole sexist cat fighting stereotype, but I'll just say there's a reason no one invited her.

Lycus: Uh, noted. But I can't imagine you'd expect us to release an anomaly just as a favor to you.

SCP-5721-1: Well no, I didn't expect that. I've got a list of accounts that have been flagged dozens of times for repeated harassment. Hand over the Iacchian, and I'll…. hmm, give four hundred thousand the axe. Take it as a gesture of good faith.

Lycus: Wait, you're serious? You threatened to kill millions of people if we interfered with your worship scheme.

SCP-5721-1: Yeah, but my siblings are being annoying, and I can't exactly kill them off, can I?

Lycus: Excuse me for just a moment.

[Lycus opens a phone line to the Overseer's Council. O5-██ advises him to negotiate for 500,000 accounts.]

Lycus: Six hundred thousand and we've got a deal.

SCP-5721-1: That's ridiculous, no.

Lycus: Then let's just call a compromise and go for an even five, then.

SCP-5721-1: Fine. I'll let them know, that should get them off my backs till the next Trojan War comes around. Knew we could strike a deal. So, I'll-

Lycus: Actually, if you would indulge me for a moment, why go to all the trouble? Your siblings, I mean, if you know of it. Why go to the trouble of hunting down every single uh… Iacchian? Assuming your siblings are of similar stature to yourself, I can't imagine they'd be much of a threat.

SCP-5721-1: Hmm. Imagine, if you would, that a particularly clever pile of mud went around telling everyone else that it was a son of Zeus. That it shared its bloodline with yours, a bloodline that stretched back to the dawn of creation. Me? Eh, I'm not that close with daddy dearest, so whatever. My siblings on the other hand? They're pissed.

Lycus: So what, they're planning on hunting down every member of the species because they insulted your father? That seems rather… overkill?

SCP-5721-1: That's what I said. Figured they'd get tired after a while, but 2.2 million Iacchians say I was wrong.

Ah, family. They all have their quirks, I suppose.

[SCP-5721-1 hangs up.]



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