The Scratchings on the Wall

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Item#: 0000
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-72 Elias Lycus Samantha Reinette Epsilon-6

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX has been blocked off at its southern end from surrounding villages on the pretense of structural instability. One guard has been placed at the southern end. Due to the cooperation of the inhabitants of Area of Interest-XXXX, minimal containment has been required for its northern end.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a stone arched bridge near the town of Pyavkar, in Northeastern Russia. Dating of the bridge has been inconclusive, but interviews with surrounding inhabitants suggest SCP-XXXX had been constructed over 200 years ago.

Humans located on SCP-XXXX will report hearing a faint scratching sound, as if something was scraping against stone at an indeterminable distance behind them. The effect appears to get louder as subjects approach the middle of the bridge, tapering off as they depart.

Subjects spending a large amount of time on SCP-XXXX, whether continuously or cumulatively in periods of time that are close together, will regress emotionally and mentally, becoming extremely aggressive towards unaffected all unaffected subjects. Amnestic treatment has proven ineffective at restoring higher-level thought capabilities, suggesting a fundamental change in the brain structure of those affected.

While animals will refuse to be within SCP-XXXX's vicinity, those forcibly detained onto it will permanently become feral in demeanor. Specimens will attack Foundation personnel or other members of their own species, even in cases where they would not normally do so. In extreme cases, herbivores will shun plant matter and consume only meat.1

Addendum 0000.1: Discovery

SCP-XXXX was discovered in 1983, after reports of beast-like humanoids were reported throughout the Eastern Soviet Union. Embedded informants alterted the foundation, assuming they were reports of SCP-1000 instances.

The assigned Foundation agent arrived at the village, only to encounter stiff resistance from its inhabitants. Ivanov was unable to interrogate any of the villagers, and was driven out of the village when he began to linger near the bridge leading out of town.

Due to political instability between the Foundation and the USSR resulting from the invasion of Afghanistan (see relevant documentation for details), Ivanov was authorized to use Foundation funds to hire mercenaries from Marshall, Carter and Dark to secure the anomaly.

Interviewed: Vladimr Kusnetsov

Interviewer: Agent Ivanov

Foreword: Upon returning to the village, an investigation turned up several human remains that had been buried in Kusnetsov's backyard. Interview was translated from original Russian.

<Begin Log>

Kusnetsov: I believe we may have gotten off on the wrong foot.

Ivanov: Was that when you threatened to shoot me if I didn't leave? Or when I discovered the bodies buried in your backyard?

Kusnetsov: I had my reasons for killing those men. They were good men, soviet men, but they became little more than beasts. It was a mercy for them.

Ivanov: And how exactly did the men become like this?

Kusnetsov remains silent.

Ivanov: I'd rather act like a gentleman about this. We can finish this discussion, then I will be on my way. But there are two men outside that door who will do anything I pay them to do. Once again, what happened to these men?

Kusnetsov: They crossed the bridge.

Ivanov: The bridge? You mean the one to the south? If I remember correctly, you drove me away from it when I approached it. Hiding something?

Kusnetsov: I only meant to save you. If you lingered for long on it, it would turn you into something else. Something dark.

Ivanov: Tell me more about this bridge then.

Kusnetsov: I only know what my father told me, and what his father told him, and so on. I'm not sure when the bridge was first built, but no one can remember living without it. The story goes that the devil lived in the waters below, feasting on my ancestors. A wandering bogatyr heard our pleas and struck the devil dead in a ferocious duel. He then built the bridge from its bones, trapping its vile spirit for eternity. Quite the tale, no?

Ivanov laughs.

Ivanov: Reminds me of the stories my mother used to read to me. Do you really believe this fairy tale?

Kusnetsov: It does seem fairly outlandish. But I see what the bridge has done to people. If you had stepped onto the bridge, you would've heard a strange sound. Like something scratching on the stones, just out of sight, with nothing around. It almost feels like some sort of fishing lure. Those who stay to listen to the sound go mad. Turn into savages.

Ivanov: The bridge does all that?

Kusnetsov: You sound skeptical. I understand. I was too myself, for a time. I grew up hearing the stories about the bridge all my life, but I was never a true believer like the others. I trusted what my eyes and ears could tell me, not stories of an invisible devil.

Ivanov: And then those bodies ended up in your garden.

Kusnetsov sighs.

Kusnetsov: Alek. He sneaked out one night with one of the girls he had taken an interest in. Then he came home and tore his father, mother, and little brother apart. We came rushing once we heard the screaming, but there was nothing we could do except put him down. He was a fool, but a good man at heart.

Ivanov: Why not tell someone about it?

Kusnetsov: Tell who? Who would believe it? You know how the state is, we'd all be whipped or worse for believing such things. And even if they did trust us, that would have just meant more men would be sent here. More men for the bridge to turn into beasts.

Ivanov: Hmm. You may be right. We'll block off the bridge permanently, make sure no one crosses it again. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kusnetsov: Glad I could help. Are we finished now?

Ivanov: One more thing. You mentioned Alek had sneaked out with a girl?

Kusnetsov: Sasha, yes. A good woman, but often quite nosy.

Ivanov: What happened to her? You mentioned Alek's family, but not her.

Kusnetsov: Truth be told, we don't know. Usually we find the beasts within a few days, they always tend to come back to the village, but we have seen no trace of her for months, and we have not heard any news of her from our neighbors.

Ivanov: Perhaps Alek killed her. Maybe she fell in the lake.

Kusnetsov: Perhaps. But those waters are as silent as the grave. We would've found her body by now.

<End Log>

Due to a lack of Foundation influence within the region as well as the lack of an immediate danger to civilians, the decision was made to forgo amnestization for Kusnetsov and the 258 inhabitants of Pyavkar. Agent Ivanov was assigned to remain in the village and monitor SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX.2: Testing

Following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent dissolution of the influence of GRU Division Psychotronics, the Foundation was able to schedule an initial round of testing for SCP-XXXX.

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