The Steeds Of Heck

Pecos county, Texas. The approximate location of the SCP-XXXX instances' former territory is marked.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX instances are presently uncontained. Their current territory, however, is relatively small and underpopulated, negating the need for drastic action as of this time. Further containment of the SCP-XXXX instances, while preferable, is of a low priority.

All SCP-XXXX instances are contained in individual autonomous machine units in Site-93's Mekhanite artifacts wing.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates four autonomous clockwork horses. The behavior of SCP-XXXX instances are similar to biological horses, including performing actions similar to grazing and defecation, despite requiring neither to sustain themselves1.

SCP-XXXX instances are capable of locomotion at speeds exceeding 150 km/h, far beyond non-anomalous equine parameters. They are also much sturdier and stronger, and their structure has been fortified using anomalous means.

Addendum XXXX.1: Following reports of various "machine horses" in western Texas, MTF Kappa-5 ("Yeet-Haw")2 was sent to investigate.


Emblem for MTF Kappa-5 ("Yeet-Haw").

After arriving at the last known location of one of the SCP-XXXX instances, Kappa-5, Unit 13 patrolled the area until it located and confirmed an SCP-XXXX instance.

[MTF Kappa-5 Unit 1 pursued the SCP-XXXX instance from a Foundation Reconnaissance and Containment Vehicle (FRCV)]

Captain Ishmael Lewis: Unit 1, checking in. We've encountered one of the instances and are in pursuit. I repeat, we are in pursuit of the target.

Command: Keep an eye out, Unit 1. Capture an instance if possible, but this is a recon mission. Don't get in over your head.

Lewis: Will do.

Agent Jessica Anders: Is it wrong that I'm hoping we get a shot at catching one of these?

Lewis: Nah. Sometimes you'd rather not get into the crazier stuff, but even when you get some more field experience, you're still excited by it all.

Agent Arthur Kinserman: Personally, I'm just hoping for some quick scans. You guys can go catch some thrills, but I'd rather have a nice, calm day.

Lewis: Well, someone will end up happy either way then. Speaking of scans, Kinserman, you got anything yet?

Kinserman: Nothing crazy or unusual. No Akiva or Hume weirdness, so at least we're probably not chasing a deranged cowboy god.

Anders: You shouldn't have said that, now I'm wishing for some cowboy stuff.

Kinserman: From what it looks like, it's just a horse made of metal. But we'll need to be closer to get more sufficient data.

Lewis: Five bucks says it has some crazy surprise that we haven't seen. We're approaching fast, let's see what happens.

[As Unit 1 approaches the SCP-XXXX instance, it turns its head towards the FRCV, then begins to run away from the vehicle, quickly reaching 130 km/hr.]

Lewis: There's something new. Kinserman, how much more time you need?

Kinserman: It's in motion now, I can't get a fix on it for long enough.

Anders: Does this mean we can try to catch it, Lewis?

Lewis: I guess, but I'm not sure we can.

Kinserman: Besides, this is a recon unit. It has a large enough containment module, but it wasn't designed to capture something that isn't inert or doesn't enter willingly.

Lewis: Hold up.

Anders: What's wrong?

[The instance moves around the FRCV, and stops to face it.]

Lewis: It's stopped, is that close enough? How much time do you need?

Kinserman: I'm already getting some readings, I only need a few seconds.

Anders: What's it up to?

Lewis: Something's wrong.

Kinserman: I managed to get a scan on its composition! Its structure is laced with various strongly bonded metals, compounded with some anomalous reinforcement, making it almost indestructible!

[The instance charges at the FRCV, toppling it over. The instance steps back and pauses briefly before running away.]


House found by Unit 1.

All three members of the unit survived the incident with only minor injuries. All three agents were able to equip body cameras and other recording equipment.

Anders: Hey Lewis.

Lewis: Yeah?

Anders: Did you ever notice that house down there?

[Anders points towards a small house, about a quarter mile from their current location.]

Lewis: I didn't, actually.

Anders: Yeah. Random house, right in the middle of all this. If there's someone in there, they've seen everything. Do you think we should talk to them?

Lewis: They probably know something, especially if they haven't bothered to talk to anyone. So yeah, it might be a good idea.

Kinserman: [From inside the vehicle.] Radio's busted, and there's no signal out here.

Lewis: Well then.

Anders: Hey, it's not like we're in the middle of a swamp or something, being hunted by some Lovecraft monster.

Kinserman: [Emerges from the vehicle.] You've read Lovecraft?

Anders: Don't be ridiculous, I played Call of Cthulhu.

Kinserman: Oh. What were you guys saying about a house?

Lewis: There's a house down there, I'm thinking we should check it out.

Kinserman: I dunno, it looks dangerous. We could just wait for more backup?

Lewis: Way I see it, we're gonna have to investigate it anyway. This is the mission anyway. We're supposed to do some recon. If no one's there, the reinforcements will put two and two together once they see we're gone.

Kinserman: And if there is someone?

Lewis: Either they're friendly and they'll give us a hand here, or they're some evil demon thing that wants to kill us anyway, and it's only a matter of time before they head over here to finish us off.

Kinserman: That doesn't make me feel better.

Anders: Lighten up, we'll be fine. Come on, let's go.

Unit 1 set out to the house. After about ten minutes, they arrived.

Anders: Welp. We're here.

Kinserman: Seems like it.

[Brief pause]

Lewis: I think the polite thing to do is knock?

Anders: Oh, right.

[Anders knocks on the door. A few moments later, the door opens. An elderly man with a white beard, wearing jeans, a tan shirt, and a Stetson hat stands in the doorway]

Unknown Man: Well, howdy there! Come on inside, I'll grab you folks some lemonade!

Lewis: Uh… excuse me?

Man: Well, I saw ol' Harrison buck y'all over down there! He's a mean old geezer, sorry about that. But I figured you guys could use some refreshment, especially after chasin' him down!

Anders: You saw that?

Man: Well, of course I did! Haven't seen something crazy as that since I saw Donkman and Teddy in a fistfight! Come on in, we can talk all about it!

[The man walks back into the house. After a moment, Unit 1 follows him in. The interior is furnished similarly to a small modern home.]

Lewis: Um, thank you for letting us in, Mister…

Man: Oh, no need for that!

Lewis: I see. Any reason you don't want to tell us?

Man: [Pulls a pitcher of lemonade out from a refrigerator.] What? Oh, no, that's not what I meant! I was saying that you don't need to call me "mister"! The name's Hal! And to whom do I owe the pleasure of hosting?

Lewis: Oh! Um, I'm Ismael, this is Arthur and Jessica.

[Anders and Kinserman wave slightly.]

Hal: Lovely names, great to have you!

[Hal pours lemonade into three glasses, then brings them to the agents and sits down.]



Hal: Now, what can I do for y'all?

Lewis: We were hoping we could find some supplies here, possibly even a landline to call back and get us a ride out.

Hal: Well, haven't used the phone here in ages, but I think it should work just fine.

Lewis: Great! Kinserman, you're the tech guy, you can handle the phone in case it doesn't work.

Kinserman: Cool cool.

Hal: Ah, before we go all split up and do whatever, mind telling me what you guys are up to here?

Lewis: I can't tell you-

Anders: We're here to take those horses.

Lewis: Come on, Jess.

Anders: He obviously knows about the horses, it's not like we'll have to amnesticize him or anything.

Kinserman: Plus, he gave us lemonade, which was nice.

Hal: Well, hold on just a second there. What do you guys need my horses for?

Anders: Wait, those belong to you?

Hal: Sure thing! They're beaut's, ain't they? You met Harrison already, but there's also Mitchell, Maria, and Ducky!

Kinserman: Did you make them? And how?

Hal: Proud to say I did, partner! And as to how - well, let's say it runs in my blood. [Pounds his chest, making a metallic sound.]

Lewis: What do you mean by "runs in your blood"?

Hal: My pop taught me all that stuff, since I was a boy. My ma was a Christian, but they were a happy couple. Always took after ma more, still go to church every Sunday, but pop taught me all the mech stuff.

Lewis: I see.

Hal: But back to what y'all were saying, why do you want my horses?

Lewis: I'm afraid we can't tell you that.

Hal: Wait just a sec now, you guys wouldn't happen to be with a group called "the Foundation," would you?

Anders: How do you know about that?

Hal: [Shrugs] Rumors, stories. My dad especially. But what makes you think I'm just gonna let you take my horses and all?

Lewis: [Sighs.] Because there are a lot more where we came from. We're just a small unit. And if you harm us, there will definitely be consequences, Hal.

[Brief silence.]

Hal: Well- well I-

[Hal sighs.]

Hal: I've heard stories about y'all. Some kind of big government spy thing. Explains the fancy dress, at least. [Chuckles softly.] Pop always said that the jailors would get me if I wasn't careful. Always thought he was crazy. [Puts his head in his hands.] I don't have much choice, I guess.

Lewis: We'll see what we can do. Maybe we can let you keep them, under some conditions. We've done things like that before.

Anders: Yeah, we're not that mean. Lewis is, but they put me here to make things fun.

Hal: Well, that's very kind of y'all. Go call your folks, soon as they get here, I'll wrangle them all up for you.

Kinserman: Wait, you're serious? You're just letting us do this?

Hal: Not much choice. I'm the peaceful type anyway, I don't want no trouble.

Kinserman: Well, uh, I'll call the director then.

Lewis: Great. Um, do you have a bathroom, Hal?

Hal: Sure thing, Ishmael. Just up the stairs, second door on the left. Take as much time as you need.

Lewis: Great, thanks.

[Lewis walks to another room, where Kinserman has begun work on the telephone.]

Lewis: Something's up here. Getting him to give up the horses was way too easy.

Kinserman: What are you gonna do?

Lewis: I'm gonna take a look upstairs, see if I can find anything. If you can get a call out, see if we can get an investigative squad or something.

Kinserman: Oh. Um, are you sure you should do that?

Lewis: We're still on a mission here, and our job is to get intel. I'm making the call to investigate Hal.

Kinserman: Right, right. Sorry.

[Lewis leaves the room and walks up the stairs.]

Room explored by Captain Lewis.

During this time, Captain Lewis did not enter the bathroom, but instead explored the upper floor of the house. By his account, most of the rooms were of little note, except one. His audio recording documenting the discoveries are logged below.

So… I guess this room is like, his junk room, or something? I dunno what you'd call it. But I'm feeling all weird being here. Way too much for me to put down, but everything just feels off.

Anyway, yeah, weird stuff. One of the things that gets me is that how rustic it is. Everything feels like it's from the eighteen-hundreds. All the photos are in black and white. It's just so old, like I'm in one of those historical house things.

He's hiding something, I can tell.

[Several minutes of silence as Lewis explores the room.]

I've looked all over, nothing concrete yet. He has this big locked chest, I'm gonna see if I can get it open.

[A few moments of quiet, interspersed with sounds of Lewis trying to open the chest.]

None of the stuff I have is- ah, here we go.

[A loud crack is heard, followed by the sound of the chest being opened.]

There we go. Looks like a bunch of letters and papers.

[A few minutes of silence as Lewis looks through the papers.]

Hold up, I found a note. Says it's to Hal. And at the bottom it's from "Pop". I think that's his dad.

Talking about Jailors.


Something's definitely not right. And Hal is not the guy he thought he was.


I was seriously hoping we'd get a friendly fellow when we met him. I'm sick of all the killer monster things.

Guess everyone's got a dark secret.

Following his report, Lewis returned downstairs to speak with the other two agents. He directed Kinserman and Anders to a side room to speak in private, while Hal was in the kitchen preparing a meal.

Kinserman: Lewis, what's going on?

Lewis: We can't trust Hal.

Anders: Wait, what do you mean?

Lewis: Look, I found this note to Hal from his dad, and-

Anders: Wait, you went snooping through the guy's stuff?

Lewis: That doesn't matter right now.

Anders: I mean, you can't just go through people's stuff, it's rude.

Kinserman: I mean, he is our captain. I don't think we should be fighting.

Anders: Why are you taking his side?

Lewis: Cut it out. This is still a recon mission, and our job is to do just that. We're not here to make friends. And I made the right call, so unless you two want to keep drinking lemonade with an enemy of the Foundation, then I suggest you listen to me.

[Brief silence.]

Anders: Fine. What did you find?

Lewis: There's this note. "My dear son, I am proud of you for forging your own route, beyond the Gulch. I wish for nothing more than your happiness. But you must be cautious. You return to the Jailors' realm. They call themselves the Foundation. Your mother and I fled to the Gulch, to escape their clutches. Such is why I feel a deep fear for your return to their world. But I have faith in you. I have one request of you, and one request only, my son. Do not let the Jailors, the Foundation, discover the Gulch. You must keep us hidden at all costs. I love you. I have faith in you. Pops."

Anders: Alright, so what does that tell us?

Lewis: It tells us that Hal's been hiding something, not from us, but from the Foundation itself. There's a reason he's so willing to let us take his horses and go.

Hal: [Enters the room, holding a gun.] Because you didn't leave me a choice.

[The three agents back away from Hal. Kinserman knocks over a lamp.]

Hal: I don't want to do this. I don't want to have to hurt you.

Anders: You don't have to. Put down the gun, Hal.

Hal: You're just gonna tell the rest of them.

Lewis: I'm sorry Hal, but it's our-

Hal: It's your job. Hunting my parents was just part of the job. You're a real company man, Ishmael. My parents suffered because of your Foundation! What do you think I'm hiding from you? Why do you think I'm hiding it?

Kinserman: Don't let him kill us, Lewis.

Hal: It's too late, kid. He already made me.

Lewis: You can't shoot all of us, Hal. And even if you did, reinforcements would eventually come looking for us once we stopped responding.

Hal: I'm more than willing to die for my family.

[Hal shoots Kinserman, then runs out of the room.]

Anders: No!

[Anders and Lewis run after Hal, who retreats down the stairs and into a basement. They enter the basement and find encounter Hal running towards an unknown device.]

Hal: You're never gonna find them. I was willing to die for them the moment I left them.

[Hal pushes a button on the device, which immediately detonates. Video feed cuts out.]

Foundation forces arrived at the house a few hours later, which had been destroyed by the resulting explosion. Agents Anders and Kinserman were found dead, along with Hal, but Captain Lewis had survived, albeit unconscious and heavily injured. Reinforcements were able to capture and contain the SCP-XXXX instances shortly thereafter.

The note Captain Lewis had found remained intact in his pocket. Investigation of it and its writer is pending.

Addendum XXXX.2: Inspection of the SCP-XXXX instances revealed that each one possessed a small plate on their underbelly region, with the following inscription:


Captain Lewis has requested that MTF Kappa-5 ("Yeet-Haw") be assigned to investigate the potential Group of Interest. The request is pending accepted.,_Prairie_du_Chien,_Crawford_County,_WI_HABS_WIS,12-PRACH,3-1.tif,_older_man_with_a_beard_and_glasses_sitting_on_a_couch_in_front_of_a_bookshelf.jpg,0,0.339d130dc79f2d5528f492370bc62ea490d40322

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