The Story of our Inception; It Really is a Story, None of it Happened!
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I blink.

Hello, world!

Oh, oops— I thought that last part.

“Hello, world!” I chirp. I immediately recognize the five beings surrounding me, false memories of hardships and victories coming forth. That’s odd, I’ve never met them before! Oh well. I must have been written in as a part of their group.

Raven, as my mind tells me, turns to look at me.

“Hm? Oh, hey Ben.”

“Hello there, Raven! We’ve just entered existence!” I inform, though he probably already knew that.

A girl I recognize as Chocolate sighs.

“Ben, you’re not gonna do that. Ms. Wondertainment was kind enough to bring our story to life, you’re not going to ruin it by constantly explaining that we’re man-made concepts— we know.”

Technically, a girl made us. The one writing this.

I flop against the wall. “This same video has repeated like twenty times.”

“It was made to contain us, not to be interesting.” Chocolate replies, molding her fudge-consistency hair to form a ponytail and bow.

"I know that!" I inform. I'm not sure why their happiness is dimmed; Mew-ltiverse, you should work on that.

"Yeah, of course you do. You know everything." The talking German Shepard Coconut replies. "Agent Oreo is in charge of us from what my memory tells me. So, whoever clicked play on our containment video might be sending it to him soon."

No one clicked play, it was just convenience for the story. In universe, it was Isabella Wondertainment. Should I tell them that?

"You guys said everything I would have." Miles, the grump, adds as a line to introduce his character.

"Hello! Welcome to the world!" The voice of Isabella Wondertainment chirped. "Now that I see you're all working— I think, is June okay?" She interrupts herself.

June nods. She was the shy one.

"Good. Now that I see you're all working, I'll send a hard drive of your video to Agent Oreo!" Isabella informs.

"Okay, sounds good. What do we do until then?" Chocolate asks, tilting her head.

"Nothing." I suggest. Whatever we do doesn't matter— it's just filler, so it won't be written in.

"That's boring." Coconut pouts.

"It's not boring, this scene is going to be skipped anyway. We'll have false memories written in our minds to trick us into believing it happened." I inform.

"Oh my god, Ben, SHUT UP!" Miles shouts, clenching his fists in anger.

I shrug with a laugh. Time for the scene change!

"MTF Alpha-14, nicknamed "Looney Toons". That's what we'll refer to y'all as." Dr. Dickson informs.

"Looney Toons?" Chocolate asks, scratching her chin.

"It's a cartoon. It's a joke." Oreo explains.

Chocolate laughs. "Ohh."

"What exactly do we do?" Miles inquires.

The prose in this story is so dull. I guess that's what happens when the protagonists are cartoons in a cartoon room. There aren't a lot of places to go.

"You will rest in this video clip until we have a mission for you. You were designed to infiltrate animated worlds and investigate suspected, or confirmed anomalies. We're trying a "in person" to say, technique." Oreo answers. He sounds farther away from our video than he was a few seconds ago.

"Question." June slowly raises her hand. "What happens if someone pauses our video?" Her voice quivers. June always seemed less happy in a way I couldn't quite put my finger on. It wasn't an opposite happy, or a muted happy. Well, it was a little muted, but weirdly.

"You will all be conscious, but unable to move." Dickson replies. "Hopefully, that doesn't happen, or have to happen."

"When is our first mission?" I ask with excitement. Life may be pointless and fake, but I still want to enjoy it.

"We've discovered a series of animated advertisements that could possibly have a sentient being within, but we don't know. Dollie and I were thinking it would be a perfect first assignment. You should be set to go after we reconfirm you are all working correctly."

We are.

"Sounds great!" I cheer. "I'm super excited!" It's likely to have ups and downs, and work out. Life is predictable, yet fun.

"It does sound exciting." Coconut gives a soft smile.


"Alpha-14, we're doing mental evaluations in a few." Oreo informs, interrupting us from doing nothing.

"To make sure our mental states are good?" Chocolate asks, tilting her head. She tilts her head a lot, that must be bad for her neck.

"That, and to make sure you'e all working as designed." Dollie confirms.

"Okay! I'm working great!" I cheer.

"That's great to hear." Dollie replies happily, of course. "But, we still have to make sure."

"Okay, examination-time. First up, Chocolate." Oreo says. I hear the click of a keyboard.

"Okay! Let's get this over with!"



It's a day later.

"Hello Alpha-14." Dollie announces. "So we've got our results from the tests the other day. In short, there appears to be a few quirks from our designs, but you're all functional enough."

"Well, good." Raven shrugs.

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