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  • Carl ascends right into JALAKĂ…RA's office.

End of Depression

  • O5-4 advocates for using anomalies to improve the EoD world.

The World's Most Paranoid Man

  • One man gets into a territory dispute with the Paragon.


  • Pataphysics Major in Deer College asks his professor some dangerous questions.
  • Project Thaumiel: Pataphysics Deerie accidentally turns Deer College into Hogwarts; hilarity ensues
  • Dr. Neurosis is approached by a Three Moons representative seeking his help in building new afterlives. Darke tells him to take the job and to gather info while he's there.
  • Pataphysics Department branches on other websites (possibly CYOA and/or semi-ARG story).



  • Timeline

SWN001-1-TAPE Gathered Info

  • Misc.
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