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Item #: SCP-5617

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5617 has been sealed off from the general public under the pretense of a gas leak. Two guards in plainclothes should always be stationed at each end of the tunnel to ward off trespassers.

Description: SCP-5617 is a 4.6-kilometre-long discontinued subway tunnel in St Petersburg, Russia. A door has been installed at each end of the tunnel, with one end marked ENTRANCE (designated SCP-5617-A) and the other EXIT (designated SCP-5617-B).

If a person enters SCP-5617-A, whatever they were thinking of when they reach SCP-5617-B will appear in their hand. Confirmed users of SCP-5617 have reported gaining food, money, jewelry, various exotic pets, and other small luxury items.

SCP-5617 was discovered through a months long investigation of a "magic subway tunnel" somewhere within Saint Petersburg, which was delayed by severe resistance to Foundation questioning by local civilians. Once the location was confirmed, MTF Psi-13 ("City Slickers") was deployed from Site-34 in Finland to properly secure the anomaly.1

Addendum 5617.1: Agent Koskinen Exploration Log


Command: Alright, would you like to hear the instructions again?

Koskinen: The ones about walking from one point to another? Yes, I think I might need another refresher. Truth be told, I'm not really sure I can handle this.

Command: Alright, we can take a hint. Just remember to focus, I'm authorized to tell you that you can keep the cash equivalent after the test.

Koskinen: Understood. Entering now.

[Koskinen wrenches open SCP-5617-A, clicking on his flashlight as he enters. A table is present to his right, with a selection of flashlights and scattered batteries.]

Koskinen: Looks like I didn't need this after all, the locals seemed to have set up a little station. Proceeding down the tunnel.

[Koskinen walks down the tunnel.]

[35 minutes redacted for brevity.]

Koskinen: Command? I have reached the exit.

Command: Excellent. Remember, failure to follow protocol will result-

Koskinen: Disciplinary action, yes yes. I know. Picturing the gold bar. Gold bar, gold bar, gold bar…. hmm?

Command: Everything alright?

Koskinen: There's a plaque here. Can't figure out the language, though…

Command: Is it a Cyrillic script?

Koskinen: No, definitely not. Can't recognize the alphabet, think it may be anomalous- oh. wait, it seems to be shifting. Some sort of translator effect, I would say. Let's see here… Ah! Okay, first it says at the top: "The Garden is the Serpent's place. We are the Serpent's Hand."

Command: Huh. I'd say this roughly matches their M.O, if they're trying to integrate the locals into the anomalous community. Though a discontinued subway tunnel doesn't seem quite their style…

Koskinen: Anonymity, maybe? They'd know we'd swoop in immediately if it was somewhere public.

Command: Most likely. What does the rest say?

Koskinen: Lemme see… it says, "P.S: Don't Think of Pink Elephants."


Koskinen: …Well, fuck.

Pink Elephant: PAWOO!


Foundation personnel entered SCP-5617 immediately following the unplanned termination of testing, only to find a fuchsia-shaded adult African Bush elephant standing on Agent Koskinen's left hand, which would later require amputation. Koskinen was placed on medical leave, and the sign was placed in storage.

As it was determined that Koskinen had followed testing procedures, he was compensated €2.1 million for the elephant, per the initial agreement.


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