The Unknown Soldier
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Item#: 5580
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Interview logs involving SCP-5580-1 are to be generated by Foundation deep-learning Artificial Intelligence Sato-6. All recorded information on SCP-5580-1 is to be given to the Artificial Intelligence Technical Team.

SCP-5580-1 manifestations are to be located by MTF Rho-6 ("Repeat Offenders")1, who are to redirect civilians away from SCP-5580-1 and prevent them from interacting with SCP-5580-1 soldiers. For this purpose, cover story 77-Y (historical reenactment) is to be used as necessary. Recorded information on SCP-5580-1 is to be confiscated before it de-manifests. Civilians who witness SCP-5580-1 or any information associated with SCP-5580-1 de-manifesting are to be administered Class-A amnestics

Description: SCP-5580 refers to a phenomenon that occurs within the Death Valley National Park. During an SCP-5580 event, a small military camp populated with soldiers, hereafter referred to as SCP-5580-1, manifests. Equipment found in SCP-5580-1 was manufactured in the United States between 1951 and 19532. Every instance of SCP-5580-1 appears to be a different camp, with different equipment and soldiers manifesting during each SCP-5580 event.

SCP-5580 events last approximately 24 hours, after which SCP-5580-1 de-manifests. At the same time, all recordings of SCP-5580-1 (written, audio, video, etc.) also de-manifest.


By sampling the couple dozen interviews conducted with members of SCP-5580-1, the personality tests administered to SCP-5580-1 members, and the many hours of interviews with unrelated individuals living in Death Valley, we were able to get Sato-6 to generate a fairly accurate and comprehensible interview between Foundation personnel and a soldier from SCP-5580-1.

We suspect that the way Sato-6's neural network stores information from interviews with SCP-5580-1 soldiers intermixed with unrelated interviews prevents the data from getting erased. That being said, this is all a very delicate system that we don't fully understand, and adding any new information to Sato-6's database may lead to everything we have getting erased. for that reason, new information on SCP-5580 and/or SCP-5580-1 may not be entered into Sato-6's database without the Artificial Intelligence Technical Team's consent.

— John Foraux, Senior Technician, AITT

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  • The CSS module is way too slow. Removed module
  • The story generally lacks substance. It's just "hey this is a weird phenomenon that happens". Fixable by having characters to stuff. Currently, world acts on characters and the characters do nothing about it
  • "I also felt like that AITT warning was overwrought and unnecessary and is generally a bad look for the Foundation's technical competence."
Potential Focuses
  • Rebirth: SCP-XXXX-1 soldiers are actively trying to figure out why they keep coming back and how to stop it.
  • Sato-6: Focus article on AI generation. Keep ManyMeat's comment in mind.5
  • Forgotten: Focus on recordings de-manifesting and/or desire to not be forgotten. Read up of m8ball's stuff for this.
Revised Narrative
  • Soldiers are initially confused when the Foundation finds them. In an interview transcribed from memory, one soldier explains that they only started de-manifesting much more often. They eventually realize that being observed makes them "die" more frequently. They begin shooting at any Foundation personnel or civilians that they can see. ConProc outlines looking at the SCP as little as possible and setting up a perimeter far away from it.
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