#TheCritters: Seeking Crit Properly
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Hello! I'm T RutherfordT Rutherford, SCP author and regular in the SCP IRC chatrooms (if you don't know what that is, check out this guide!)

#thecritters can be a great place to find critiques or "crits" for your work. You can come to this chat room to get draft crits or concept crits. You can even find greenlights here, if you know how to ask!

But before we talk about what you should do, we'll briefly mention what you should not do.

  • Don't spam feedback requests. Just be patient!
  • Don't get discouraged if you don't get feedback immediately. It can take time!
  • Don't take it personally if someone doesn't like your writing. Crit is harsh, but worth it!
  • Don't just post a sandbox link and ask for reviews with no context. Read the guide below!

Just remember three things:


Socialize, Courtesy, Patience | Specify, Count, Pitch | Swap, Consider, Prepare.

Before you post in #thecritters, just hang out a while. Consider SCP★!

Socialize: Chat a bit! Not in #thecritters, but in #site19. Most authors have created a circle of friends that they trade drafts with. Spend some time in chat, and build your crit network!

Courtesy: Be polite. Please and thank you go a long way! Be polite when chatting, asking for crit, or anything else.

Patience: Be patient. It may be a while before critters are around, especially during the day. The chat becomes more active after 6:00PM EST. Just be patient!

Posting isn't difficult, if you know what to ask! Consider SCP★!

Specify: What kind of draft is it? Is your draft an article or a tale? Is it part of a canon, like End of Death or Dr. Wondertainment? Is it a different format, like a Parawatch Report or a Special addendum?

Count: What's the word count? Copy and paste your draft on this website. That number is your word count! Let the chat know that number. Is it 500 words? 1000? 3000?

Pitch: Pitch your concept! In one sentence, describe your draft. Make people excited to read it. "My draft about flying eyeballs!" "My draft about a multi-headed man living on Jupiter"

Participate in the chat. Crits are not a one-way street! Consider SCP★!

Swap: Offer to swap drafts. If you want people to read your draft, offer to give feedback on theirs! This is a collaborative community, after all. For how to give a good crit, I recommend Zyn's excellent guides.

Consider: Consider what you need. What do you need feedback on? "idk everything I guess" isn't very helpful. Be specific about which parts you need looked at. The story? The characters? The anomaly? Grammar and spelling? Let the chat know!

Prepare: Have questions prepared. If you're having difficulty with specific parts of your draft, let your critter know! "Is this character believable?" "Is the anomaly interesting?", "Do the conprocs (containment procedures) make sense?", "Does addendum 3 need more explosions?"

Here's some examples!

  • "Hello! Is anyone available to swap drafts? I have an article on mummies with laser eyes. 1200 words. I'm looking for a full crit, but I also need to know if the anomaly is believable! Thanks!"
  • "Hey everyone. I've got a 500 word tale about a Foundation Researcher who meets Satan. I can swap for other tales. It's part of the End of Death hub. Cheers."
  • "Is anyone free for a draft swap? 3000 word 001 proposal, where the earth is a big egg about to hatch! I don't need a line-by-line, just someone to check if the narrative makes sense. Thank you!"

Pitching a concept / Finding Greenlights

#thecritters isn't just for drafts; you can get concept feedback and greenlights here too! If you don't know, new authors are encouraged to get two greenlights, meaning two "I approve!" messages from authors with three or more successful articles. All that information can be found here. You need these if you want to post your drafts on the forums!

Most users get one greenlight from the Ideas and Brainstorming forum, and another from chat. Even if you already have a successful article, it's always good to get feedback on new concepts!

When you find a critter to review your concept, you should try to summarize it in one sentence Try to include the main idea, the story, and the twist.


  • "It's a flaming, flying piano; a down on his luck pianist finds it in an alleyway and it makes him famous, but he always has the sensation that he's on fire."
  • "It looks like an ordinary baseball; whoever throws it gets all the talent of Sandy Koufax, but they slowly take on his personality too."
  • "They're whales the size of a tangerines; they swim around in conga-line schools and sing a song that keeps the planet from splitting apart."

Don't try to explain every detail of your idea. Just start with the concept! Critters will ask you questions from there, letting you tell more of the story. Remember, you can spoil your story here. Critters need to know the twists, and the ending, or they can't give you good feedback!

If you follow all these steps and still don't get a response, just remember SCP★. Be polite, be patient, and don't get discouraged! Just follow these steps, and soon, you'll be that much closer to a finished draft.

Good luck!

- T RutherfordT Rutherford

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