All Nukes Think

Pentagon operative: former soldier of WW2.
Date 1946

The Leviathans of Order (P&F) v. The Unconcious Archetype (Humbaba)


The closed entrance into SCP-Cedar. Note, should expeditions or interactions occur, the floor panels below will open.

Special Containment Procedures: Under Protocol Veiled-Apotheosis established by the UAFI (United American Foundation Initiative), the Los Almos National Laboratory was rebuilt — specifically, the regions SCP-X considers its "domain." An embassy building was established and hitherto consists of MTF Eta-91 ("Enkidu's Sons"), research personnel, and diplomats. Until SCP-X declares otherwise, scheduled diplomatic negotiations with SCP-X commence on a biweekly basis. HAZMAT suits, optional.

Per proposal by the DNFR (Department of Nuclear Fusion Research), deterrents such as lead, neutron deflectors, and 10m thick thaumbarrier walls were deemed largely ineffective by the UAFI. As threats made by SCP-X in the form of placards indicated it had the capacity to increase the temperature of objects to ~5,700 K, construction of proposed contingencies was halted.

Description: SCP-X is a Class II Apotropaic Entity merged with a subcritical sphere of plutonium measuring 89 mm, which holistically self-identifies as the Mesopotamian god "Humbaba." A beryllium shell encompasses SCP-X's hemisphere while tungsten platforms surround the lower half of its circumference.

SCP-X inhabits an antechamber (designated SCP-Cedar) below the Los Alamos National Laboratory. When SCP-X is observed by RAD-resistant drone camera, its outward shell presents as spheroid halves, with a 0.8mm breach that intersects them, and the platform underneath SCP-X leans at a 37° angle on the leftmost facing wall. Any mobile mechanism may freely transit from the entrance of SCP-Cedar to any destination or wall in the room.

However, when human subjects attempt to traverse the entrance, they will egress and arrive at the "true" interiors of SCP-Cedar. These interiors are an extrauniversal and extratemporal dimension with no known physical boundaries or upper limit to its atmosphere, depth, forestation, or surfaces.

Compilation of SCP-X Timeline:

- Tablet II - III of the Epic of Gilgamesh (2100 B.C. - approx. 1800 B.C.): Cuneiform on stone stele depicts apocryphal spheres that render judgment upon mankind. The descriptions typify the time period with several demarcated anachronisms: these were rings that resembled the electron shell of an atom, and a trinity of green lions (one with a "u", the two others with "d"s emblazoned on their heads) biting a sun.

  • Historical record indicates that Gilgamesh endeavored to slay SCP-X and take the ancient will of Enlil

- 283rd Law in the Code of Hammurabi (1750 B.C): Cuneiform on stone stele depicts the "Cedar Forest", the domain of SCP-X, was depicted in subsequent texts.3 Extracts of blueprints, manuscripts, and medical assays (relating to acute radiation syndrome) were found in 0.1-0.5mm inscriptions below the domain's roof.

  • Historical record indicates brief social stratification and confusion, which led to SCP-X places of worship deemed as abhorrent and forbidden amongst Babylonians.

- Tariff of Agora of Palmyra (1 AD): Latin carved into Corinthian columns depict tariffs made to the Sumerian God Enlil.4 The imagery depicts the Enlil as it extends the ribcage of Saturn; vertebral columns and assemblages of viscera are rearranged by hand into the sky and the earth. On individual intestinal tracts, Latin translations of the names of personnel involved in the creation /experimentation of SCP-X are exhibited. A set of tallies are inscribed adjacent to these names, which anthropologists believe indicate dosages of radiation (the highest count being around 1000 tallies).

List of true and false things:

[[something normal]]

[[progressively weirder]]

Obtained and verified testimonials from SCP-X
Presumption Testimony
The pneumonic tubes dispense solidified, 10mm metallic placards that predict the future The pneumonic tubes dispense solidified, 10mm metallic placards that predict reoccurring phenomena.
Louis Slotin's blueprints for the production of Apotropaic Demon Cores were found on pg. 073 of Greater Key of Achaemenida, which was acquired from underneath an old mahogany coffee table, as a makeshift leg. The pages following it depicts similar models for other eschatological entities. None have been produced. After Operation "Tickling the Dragon's Tail" on May 21st, 1946, all nuclear arms proliferation incorporate esoteric methodology and practices from pg. 073's instruction list; these practices are considered non-anomalous by NPT-designated nuclear weapon states. Examinations indicate the global population of nuclear weapons and reactors are sapient but dormant.


The Department of Defense - "Pentagram" division united with the Foundation's "American GUARDIAN" programme maintains the fringes of democracy and freedom against the red threat from territories of the Antartic to supporting anti-bolshevik anarchists in the United Kingdom.

Nuclear Launch Detected.
Belligerents Responsible - The GRU-P Controlled Soviet Union.
Main Facilitator - Vice Admiral Vasily Arkhipov
[[era where the Cold War never ends.]]
[[era where the submarine

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