There Is No Happy End, There's Only Just the End

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There are currently no known ways to prevent SCP-XXXX from occurring. Foundation personnel undergoing SCP-XXXX are encouraged to keep their condition to themselves, and continue to work until they succumb to its effects. Personnel working nearby or alongside those undergoing SCP-XXXX are asked to ignore their condition.

Cultural memes, posters and video programs have been created and propagated by the Analytics Department, encouraging social behavior, friendship and joining in large social groups. Simultaneously, similar measures have been put in place to dissuade “introversion” and “antisociality” in personnel.

These measures have so far been unsuccessful, but redrafting with involvement from the Ethics Committee and Security Department is underway. Further requests from the Psychiatry Division to assume jurisdiction over SCP-XXXX's containment procedures are preemptively denied.

Individuals outside the Foundation who undergo SCP-XXXX are considered relatively self-containing. Nevertheless, standard monitoring programs in law enforcement organizations and on social media are in effect to curb public knowledge of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous phenomenon that causes affected individuals to gradually dematerialize. This effect occurs over the course of several months and ultimately culminates in the subject disappearing.

The exact criteria for SCP-XXXX's manifestation is not fully understood; the Psychiatry Division has suggested a comorbidity between SCP-XXXX and individuals with depressive disorders, but this theory is unconfirmed.

Analysis of individuals affected by SCP-XXXX has shown that, down to the atomic level, they will gradually begin to appear transparent. This effect will continue until they are barely visible to the naked eye.

Furthermore, the individual's voice will grow softer, the amount of spatial distortion they create in relation to their environment decreases, and those around them will have a harder time recalling interactions with the affected individual.

After an inconsistent amount of time, the individual will become completely transparent, then totally dematerialize. Analysis of the the area left behind has shown that the individual completely disappears, only briefly leaving a molecular void. All attempts at recovering these individuals have failed; it is presently unknown where these individuals go, if anywhere at all.


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