This Is How I Disappear
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As not much is yet known about SCP-XXXX, all information and speculation regarding it, is to be brought to Head Researcher Wilson's attention. It appears to be inert, and likely just a consequence of a singular event and is as such to be treated as an informational breach of a low threat factor. Repeat happenings are however to be treated with greatly increased urgency.
As a provisional measure, the personnel affected by SCP-XXXX have been assigned individual therapy until more is understood about SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an informational, possibly anti-memetic anomaly affecting objects and people in and around Site-137, a Foundation Site specializing in Thaumaturgy and the occult. It has realised itself in several ways, the first of which was noticed on September the 7th, 2020, all of which are reality- and/or information altering.

If confronted with some of SCP-XXXX's phenomena certain Site-137 personnel experience severe mental effects from it, despite claiming to have no connection to it. Upon confrontation, many of the affected express strong feelings of guilt and melancholy, as well as an urge to remember something they have forgotten. All affected individuals have reported persisting anxiety and stress, which has led to a decrease in morale within Site-137.

Below is a list of findings that are believed to be related to SCP-XXXX.

Designated Number
and date of discovery
Phenomenon Description Image (if applicable)
7th of September, 2020
A number of blank documents were found in the Site's archives. A notice to report similar phenomena was sent to all Site-137 personnel. N/A
9th of September, 2020
Several researchers reported finding blank text messages to and from an unnamed contact on their phones. They do not remember sending or receiving them. See Addendum XXXX-A.

A screenshot of such a text conversation, dated to the 7th of September.

9th of September, 2020
Junior Researcher Eric Nilson found an album of photographs depicting himself on a vacation on his mobile phone. He does not remember taking these images, or the pictured events._
He also discovered an engagement ring in a pocket of his jacket, despite claiming that he is not currently pursuing any romantic interest. He has, however, expressed a great amount of unease towards this topic and has asked to not be confronted with it anymore.

One such image.

10th of September, 2020
A Foundation-assigned apartment was found to be unoccupied, according to the database, despite all capacities usually being exhausted at all times. See Addendum XXXX-B. N/A

The final page of the diary.

Addendum XXXX-B: Investigation of the apartment: An investigative team was sent out to enter the apartment, with the intent of possibly finding the source of the phenomena. The apartment showed clear signs of having been lived in, though largely in a state of disarray. Unwashed dishes were found in the kitchen sink, along with dirty clothes on the ground and closed curtains. In the bathroom, unopened containers of paroxetine pills1 were found under the sink.
The bedroom contained a ritualistic shrine on the ground. With chalk, a number of large thaumaturgic sigils was drawn on the ground, forming a circle. Along it, piles of ashes were regularly spaced out, consisting mostly of burnt photographs, Foundation documents, handwritten book pages and letters. All of them were damaged beyond being legible.
In the middle of the circle, 3 items were found:
- A Foundation ID, with all identifying information scratched out
- 3 empty bottles of 10mg zolpidem pills2, as well as a small number of partly dissolved zolpidem pills
- A diary that had all its contents erased, except for 2 lines on its final page, reading:


What appeared to be tear stains also covered this page.

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