Tape Dispenser's Timeline

The Time Before:

Apakht is and always was.

A more coherent picture of Reality forms and the Brothers of Death are created, along with the Sister of Death.

Several gods are born of The Great Abyss, including Khahrahk, who consumes all of his brothers and sisters and rises to power over the Darkness Below.

Khahrahk, who now claims the name Khnith-hgor, sleeps with another god, named Sanna, for seven days and seven nights before claiming the name Shormaush Urdal; the Scarlet King.

The Scarlet King has seven children with Sanna, named A'tivik, A’ghor, A’distat, A’zieb, A’nuht, A’tellif, and A’habbat respectively, and then has children with each of them.

~13,700,000,000 BC:

The Universe forms; Time also forms, but not completely as of yet.

~13,500,000,000 BC:

The Fae become technologically advanced before getting wiped out by the Children of the Night.

~13,000,000,000 BC:

The Dragons known as MEKHANE and Yaldabaoth create humanity.

~12,500,000,000 BC:

Humanity overthrows the Children of the Night, much in the same way the Children had overthrown the Fae.

~12,000,000,000 BC:

The Oblitus people form and flourish before getting conceptually wiped out by SCP-9429-A.

~10,500,000,000 BC:

MEKHANE imprisons Yaldabaoth inside Taisui, shattering himself in the process.

The Holy War between Lucifer and The Maker occurs.

~9,000,000,000 BC:

The Maker creates the Garden of Eden and takes two humans to inhabit it: Adam El Asem and Lilit Bat Asherah, better known as Adam and Lilith.

Lilith runs off after a heated argument with Adam. The Maker replaces her with Hawwah Bat Asherah; Eve.

One of A’zieb’s children finds its way into Eden. It convinces Adam and Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit, getting all three of them exiled from the Garden.

SCP-3004 takes the opportunity of Eden being open to go inside and usurp The Maker; Adam, Eve, and the angels are none the wiser.

Adam and Eve travel to a location in between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. There, they conceive their first son, along with New Eden, which shelters them from the gods' wrath.

Cain, Able, and Seth are born.

Apakht is contained inside of The Lock.

Multiverse α (The Stack) is created.

Charon (Part 3: Asphodel)

Cain and Able re-release Apakht.

A mass-CK-event begins occurring for the entire multiverse, sans Cain and Able’s home universe.

The Top Layer drops their Collective Consciousness down the Stack.

The Nothing forms.

Multiverse α-beings project their consciousnesses into Multiverse β, becoming Pattern Screamers.

Multiverse β (The Sea) is created on the CK-event’s conclusion.

The Koru-teusa form to protect against Voruteut, aspects of Apakht.

Kedesh-Nanaya discovers the Garden, and Adam and Eve and her visit for a short while before Kedesh-Nanaya leaves.

~71,000 BC:

The First Occult War between Proto-Mekhanites and followers of the Scarlet King occurs, during which Homo sapiens descensus create the Extinguishing Stele. The Proto-Mekhanites win, simultaneously setting the Scarlet King’s agenda back eons and setting Time's definition into stone (causing temporal backlash, making the past years inconsistent).

The Proto-Mekhanites send planet builders out into the universe, an undetermined amount of time after which they are all wiped out by Pattern Screamers.

Events of the original Cain and Able story

Events described in A Restless Wanderer On The Earth

~52,000 BC:

Adam tells Eve to stay inside of Eden until a specified someone arrived, then leaves.

Adam encounters and briefly battles Ashur.

Adam gets contained by the Children of the Night.

~11,000 BC

Aliens come to Earth and prestart the Church of the Second Hytoth.

~3,000 BC:

The Great Flood occurs.

2,100 BC ~ 600 BC:

A History of Sarkicism, Ages 1-2.5

~200 BC:

SCP-001-KLN, an aspect of Apakht, starts exerting control over anomalies, creating anomalies such as SCP-001-SDL and SCP-1548-ARC.

To avoid humanity getting wiped out, the Koru-teusa first generate SCP-2798, and when that diminishes, sends humanity to another universe using SCP-001-BLT, copying over the old Earth onto the new Earth using SCP-2237. The Koru-teusa also make the Sun protect Earth from Voruteut from now on so they don’t have to directly intervene again.

(Any and all instances of the Mesozoic Era originate from the new Earth, pre-migration.)


Classical Revival Index


Games Reality Benders Play

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business II

Maim the Sky, Slay the Sun


Events described in Radical Acceptance; the universe gets reset back to humanity’s arrival in this universe, but now it is watched over by the Moon Initiative.

To try and help the next Foundation put some degree of control over anomalies, the Moon Initiative gives them SCP-001-BAL.


Events of SCP-001-PSU


Events of SCP-001-KIR

Events of SCP-2217

SCP-3319 gets activated during the ensuing battle. The universe re-resets to humanity’s arrival, and the Moon Initiative is now the 🌙🌙 Initiative.

Dark Side Discography

Broken Masquerade

Ad Astra Per Aspera

SCP-3319 is activated again by Researcher Lloyd (who was then unrealized as anomalous by the Foundation) dying, and the universe is reverted to humanity’s arrival. The 🌙🌙 Initiative becomes the 🌙🌙🌙 Initiative.

~100 BC:

The Romans perfect time travel in 107 BC.

6 BC - 36 AD:

Events described in Recovered Data File L246-A1780B23971C20987D091

Jesus Christ makes his way towards the Gate Guardian.


A divine firebringer physically manifests, somewhere in the Atlas Mountains, and builds a cult around itself in North Africa and Spain. It later dies, and the cult is erased from history and memory through divine means.


The Golden Horde sets out on their journey in 1227 to find a time when Genghis Khan is forgotten.


The Fourth Occult War occurs.


Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, also known as the Maharal of Prague, uses Kabbalistic thaumaturgy to create a golem to defend the Jewish minority of Prague. Secretly, the Golem also serves as a receptacle for one of the Keys of Solomon, used to perform the Rite of Solomon. The Golem is later deactivated and stored in the attic of the Old New Synagogue.


The Fifth Occult War occurs.


Kedesh-Nanaya is discovered during a British expedition into Egypt from 1761-1762 by Franklin Abernathy, Aaron Siegel, and Felix Carter.

In 1763, Kedesh-Nanaya leads the three to the Gate Guardian, who steps aside, letting the four in. Inside the Garden, they surprisingly meet Eve, Jesus, and Tamlin who join up with them. On the way out, the Gate Guardian tells Siegel to "PREPARE."

The seven form the Secret Society for Cultural Preservation, and they send out recruits to contain the anomalous, finding several monsters and other odd phenomena.

The SSCP is approached by “The Elder” in 1767 who tells them about the Fountain of Youth. He is given a place on their impromptu council.

The US Government offers the SSCP monetary assistance in 1783 as long as they answer directly to the President. They accept, and their first project as the American Secure Containment Initiative is to build SCP-4004.


Her Majesty’s Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal discovers God’s Blind Spot in 1874.

The ASCI raids The Factory in 1875, gets attacked by Faeries while doing so, and banishes them with some odd Factory tech.

The Sixth Occult War occurs from 1875-1882.

  • In 1881, a cabal of German occultists destroy the demiurge responsible for thaumaturgy. Thousands die from a massive storm tide in the North Sea, caused by backlash from the working that destroyed the demiurge. The demise of the demiurge creates a massive psionic and occult echo that persists globally for several decades, resulting in a mass awakening of latent paranormal talent in the human population.
  • In 1882, national governments intervene to bring the Sixth Occult War to an end. The Veil is codified as formal policy for the first time, marking the establishment of modern consensus normalcy.
  • The Forbidden City Convention is held in 1883 in response to the new Veil codification where the ASCI, along with all of the other members of the Anomalous Containment Union, merge into the SCP Foundation. The ASCI O5’s decide to silently overthrow and replace the ACU O5’s.

Prometheus Labs is founded in 1892 to capitalize on the discoveries of the ongoing Paranormal Renaissance.

The Chicago Spirit begins trafficking in anomalous objects in 1895.

In the aftermath of the Spanish American War, Spain relinquishes its existing memetic weaponry to the United States as part of the Treaty of Paris.

The earliest reliable documentation of Three Portlands is written by the British Occult Service in 1899.


Construction of SCP-2000 is started in 1904.

The British Occult Service begins evacuating Avalon in 1905, as its deterioration grows more severe. Many of the Sidhe refugees are relocated to Three Portlands. Avalon completely deconceptualizes in 1907 following two decades of deterioration.

SCP-2000 is completed in 1910 using the Seed of Life (also known as the Clay of Creation).

Events described in Briefing on SLATE THUNDER (Chaos Insurgency Orientation)

The Coldest War

2000s - 2100s:

ㄗitch 卄aven

Black As Night

The Events of End of Death, except Crow’s and Bright’s plan brings back Death in 2135.

With Death brought back, the world is in ruins, and the O5’s say that there isn’t any SCP powerful enough to turn back time two centuries, so they just need to work to rebuild the world from the ground up. Clef, who vehemently disagrees, fakes his death in 2150 so that he can apportate to SCP-2000 and reset the universe to 1910. Sadly, doing so causes him to undergo drastic and deadly reality shifts. His last act before dying was writing his last thoughts down on a sheet of paper.

SCP-1422 manifests, and any memory of SCP-2000 is locked until July 9, 2007. This is caused by rogue reality shifts from using the machine to turn back time too far.


The O5 Council creates SCP-001-WJS in 1911 to help determine what “consensus reality” is.

The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology is founded in 1913 to advance the scientific study of the occult.


A municipal government is organized for Three Portlands and the first City Council is elected in 1915.


A Neo-Mekhanite religion begins to emerge behind the Veil in 1920.

The government of Three Portlands is amended to include the pocket universe's native genius loci as the Mayor in 1922.

A Group of Interest comprised of several reality benders calling themselves the Kingdom of Abaddon has been causing the Foundation some serious problems, so the O5’s authorize the creation of SCP-001-DJK1 in 1922 to wipe them from existence. All of the components are later destroyed by one of the research team members in his guilt for what they had created.

Markos Simonides leads a Prometheus Labs expedition on an unsuccessful attempt to find an entrance to the Underworld in 1924.

Preliminary Report of J. C. Randall Upon His Party's Efforts to Catalogue the Multiverse

A specialist for the Chicago Spirit performs an illegal exorcism of a ghost sanctuary in Three Portlands in 1929.

Three Portlands is discovered by agents of the Bureau of Prohibition investigating the bootlegging operations of the Chicago Spirit in 1929. The case is reassigned to the Bureau of Investigation, under the direct control of Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Director Hoover's aggressive campaign against the Chicago Spirit is met by opposition from Three Portlands' city council, who object to Hoover's heavy-handed tactics and resent the intrusion by the United States government. In response, Hoover orders a siege of the city in 1929.

After a two month standoff between the BOI and the Three Portlands city government, President Herbert Hoover intervenes to negotiate a resolution, resulting in the formulation of the Hoover Mandate to guide American policy on paranormal law enforcement in 1929.

The Gyffe Expedition recovers the binding materials necessary for the construction of geases in 1929.


A Prometheus Labs expedition in Lapland discovers a surviving herd of wild unicorns in 1930. Several of the animals are captured and returned to London for further study.

Ava Berryman develops a method for creating custom geas binding agents in 1932.

Richard Chappell, leader of the Chicago Spirit, is captured by the Foundation in 1933.

The Seventh Occult War occurs from 1939-1945.

  • The Allied Occult Initiative is founded in 1939 by the reformed Templar Knights and the British Occult Service, with the intention of opposing Obskuracorps operations throughout Europe.
  • The Battle of Prague occurs between agents of the Obskuracorps and the Golem of Prague, assisted by a unit of Templar commandos, marking the start of the Seventh Occult War in 1939.


Conscription documents of the British Occult Service begin including geas agents to ensure loyalty and secrecy among its operatives in 1940.

The Howard-Grant Agreement is made between the United States and the United Kingdom in 1940, under which the UK rescinds its claims on Three Portlands in exchange for a number of wartime concessions.

With American jurisdiction over Three Portlands no longer in dispute, the US signs a Compact of Free Association with the city government, codifying the terms of the Hoover Mandate in 1940.

The ICSUT Portlands campus is established in 1941. ICSUT's administrative headquarters in London are relocated to the Portlands campus for the remainder of the war.

Events of SCP-001-TGK

The Battle of Portlands occurs in 1943 when a force of Obskuracorps commandos apportates onto the Isle of Portland, opens a Way into Three Portlands, and launches an assault on the ICSUT campus there, which houses an AOI storehouse. The Nazis are repelled by a combined force of UIU agents, BOS operatives, and local citizens.

The Foundation drops its policy of neutrality and enters the Seventh Occult War on the side of the Allied Occult Initiative in 1944.

Konrad Weiss, Director of the Obskuracorps' research and recovery arm, is captured by a Foundation task force in 1944, leading to the revelation that the Obskuracorps intends to use the Rite of Solomon.

Archival Document -- HSA-008-Advent

A Man of Clay and Men Formerly Men

Global Occult Coalition Casefiles

The Foundation creates SCP-001-GHP in an attempt to gain a better understanding of anomalies and their origins. It was later decommissioned, as it started to become anomalous itself.

Herman Fuller Can Shove It Up His Ass

Straight on Till Morning

Events of SCP-4231

Ever since overthrowing the original Anomalous Containment Union O5’s, funds were on a steady decline, and the Foundation must begin getting money from the US Government again through the Bowe Commission.

Project Heimdall is started.

Project Charon is started.

War On All Fronts

Fresh Hell

Events of SCP-590

Events of SCP-321

Events of SCP-963

The O5 Council starts using Everett Mann as their unwilling personal therapist]. Nearly everything they told him was a lie, though…

Events described in R.I.P.

“I Quit.”


The Olympia Project begins.

Events of SCP-1425

Incident 239-B – Clef-Kondraki (Dr. Clef's initial familiarity with Lilith is caused by Sigurrós)


In His Own Image

Events of SCP-4444


Events of SCP-001-SWN


Routine Psychological Evaluations by Dr. Glass

The Self Insert

Duke ‘till Dawn

Incident Zero

Personal Log of Agent AA

The King Is Dead

Events of SCP-784-ARC

Mobile Task Force Omega 7 Incident Log

The Olympia Project gets shut down.

In an attempt to bury some of the Senior Staff-created SCPs, they are moved into their own Archived Database.

The 784 Incident

Tales From The Bright Side

The Hatbot Chronicles

Snakes And Ladders

Clef And Dimitri Hit The Road


The Man Who Wasn’t There

Code Brown

Game Day

Hello, I Am An Eldritch Horror

Why is Five afraid of Seven?

Only Game In Town

Codename: Green King


Multi-U 101


Last Days at Camp

Life in the Multiverse

Attack of the Keter Skeeters!

Halloween at S & C Plastics

And I Feel Fine


Playing With Flames

Four Seconds, Low Pitched

Nacho Business

Local Legends

The furthering of SCP-001-NAS's containment prompts the creation of multiple SCP-001 Proposals.

The 001-Proposal SCP-001-RGT is made by SCP-2897. Many of the combinations of Keter-class SCPs in the proposal actually have real effects; for example, SCP-718 and SCP-689 cancel each other out, SCP-682 was contained by SCP-296, and SCP-579 and SCP-055 combined together create a type of time-reverse effect.



Dance The Danse

Events of SCP-2998

The Cool War (Nobody is not Everybody; they are simply fulfilling their purpose: give Ruiz Duchamp closure)

A Very Bailey Christmas


Cool War 2: Ruiz From Your Grave

Learning the Alphabet

Tax Man

A Multi-Universal Affair

Bugs in the Process

There's Magic in the Air

Stealing Solidarity

Isabelle Collingwood gets assigned to her new job as SCP-999's caretaker, but soon learns of its destiny to destroy its father, the elder god Scarlet King.

Re: The Statue

The Foundation releases another universe's SCP-2317-K in order to attempt to combat it. Beforehand, many of that universe's anomalies were relocated to the main universe; they were saved into the Archived Database.

The original SCP-173 is decommissioned.

Project Morpheus is started, and soon ended after SCP-990 becomes sentient.


After testing out "retrocausal quantum resurrection", an experimental method of bringing people back from death, the O5 Council learns of the horrors it inflicts.

The 12 Days of Site 87's Christmas


Time Crime in Greater Wisconsin - A Primer

Resurrection PART ONE: Introduction

Events of SCP-2111

Satyr's Reign

Operation "Camp Granada"

All This Wandering



We Need To Talk About Fifty-Five

Back Alley Deals

Tasers & Thermite

Introductory Antimemetics

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Hunstman

We Got A Good Thing Here

Unforgettable, That's What You Are

Where Have You Been All My Life

Are We There Yet?

I Thought You Died Alone



Your Last First Day

In The Trenches With The Dead

A Thin Dangerous Line

Happy Howlidays


Ball Gags And Scrambled Eggs

Up To No Good

Elder Baconator

Where Your Eyes Don't Go

Loosen Up a Bit

Getting Into Treble

No Joke

Four Stories Told in Order to Mislead a Sentient Severed Hand That Just Wanted to Ask a Goddamn Personal Question for Once

Events of SCP-2747

Hunger Doggo


Events of SCP-2783

Events of SCP-3999

In SCP-3999’s ensuing chaos, many different versions of reality were created, all for the sake of torturing Talloran.

…Like Clockwork

Fools of Us All

A Failed Two Weeks Notice

Operation ÓverMeta

Events of SCP-3500

Now watch and learn, here's the deal...

Murphy Law in… Murphy’s Law Hub!

Events of SCP-3309

The Abyss Gazes Back (And It’s ASCII On A CRT Screen)

Buggy Hardware (or Why I Don’t Play Violent Video Games)

Events of SCP-3004

A massive, detrimental CK-event takes place as a result of Protocol Damnatio ad Bestias, causing some major changes to the Abrahamic faiths’ events. The Foundation outlines a plan:

  • Dr. Clef will go back in time and to humanity’s original universe to the time before Eden to fill the role of Adam, which the CK-event left empty.
  • After getting exiled, he will take Eve to where SCP-001-CLF sits in the present and create it along with New Eden with the help of the new YHWH.
  • Clef and Eve will have Cain, Able, and Seth, and then let the three of them go to fulfill their respective destinies.
  • Clef and Eve will visit with Kedesh-Nanaya in Eden before she leaves to go into isolation.
  • Clef would then leave Eve there with instructions to wait for someone named Sophia Light. Clef would then go and purposefully get contained by the Children of the Night to get put in stasis until he was back in the present, at which point he would be revived.
  • Sophia Light is sent back in time to fill the role of Jesus Christ, which was left empty by the CK-event. After resurrecting, she was to go to Eden and wait for the Founders with Eve and Dr. Joseph Tamlin.

The world experiences an ARBH-Class “Insect Hell” Scenario in mid-to-late 2017, which is thankfully reverted.

This Is A Direct Appeal

Black Autumn


The remains of SCP-001-COG get delivered to Site-87.

Events of SCP-001-IHP

The world experiences a BE-Class "Migration" End-of-Consciousness Scenario in mid-2018, the after-effects of which were reversed through the combined use of several SCPs. (SCP-2820's ammunition is replaced with SCP-CI-███ (Human Serum), and is then put inside of SCP-119 through use of SCP-2719 before setting SCP-119 to 370 seconds with a power level of 3.)

The world experiences an MA-Class "Mass Animation" Scenario, which is reverted through the re-summoning of SCP-1654 to harvest all of the SCP-3406-1 souls. SCP-1654 was destroyed again through the activation of SCP-3211.

Events of SCP-4040

Black Autumn II: Rise Of the Pit Sloth

The world experiences a TPK-Class Thaumaturgic Proliferation Scenario, followed by a אK-Class "Foundation Apotheosis" Scenario. The Foundation reverses the TPK-Class Scenario by performing the Rite of Solomon, eliminating SCP-3396 entirely, and then reversing time through Protocol ROUND PEGS.

Tight Bookshelves


S & C Plastics Actually Does Their Job

Starlow Grocery

There's a Job For Everyone

Stuff I Need to Fit In

The Gulf

AIAD Homescreen

Ship In A Bottle / Modern Senior Staff Tales

Rest of 🌙🌙🌙 Initiative / SCP-3806 and SCP-3461

Rest of Third Law

Those Twisted Pines

Dread & Circuses / All That Glisters / What A Wonderful World

SCP-049-D, Why Change?, Man Zoo League, other 826-tales

Parasport Drag Racing



Other branch lore somehow

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