Three Yanks And An Englishman Story

ℵ-Class "Dusted Earths1" Scenario

According to malice:
"Aleph, as used in transfinite numbers."

Important bit: Dusted Earths. 'Dusted' as in devoid of life or structure, completely dead. Earths as in there are multiple. The Foundation, while not initially not aware, will come to learn of the nature of the scenario.

The current plan is to go along with the idea of total multiversal failure.

The current model I have is that the multiverse is structured very similarly to our universe. Think of the galaxies like universes, and there you go.


  1. The first and most important aspect of the doomsday: it is unavoidable. While the Foundation and other groups will certainly try to prevent it, all of it is moot.
  2. The second: this is natural. This isn't the work of the Scarlet King or the aftermath of a dead god. This is just what happens. Everything dies someday, and the time has come for reality.
  3. The third: NO META. While this could certainly have some very meta-esque elements (more along the lines of other narratives within this multiverse), there is no author here. This is completely self contained.

Now let's go on with the scenario itself.

Our selling points in our end of the world is that reality is a resource. And like all resources, it is finite. Think of it like the food chain: the sun provides energy to the plants which then make food for other things and it's a trickle-down that goes from the plants down to the animals that eat the plants, sent to the animals that eat the plant, sent to the things that eat those animals, and so on and so forth. But energy from the sun is not infinite. Energy can be recycled, but usable energy runs out. Energy has to be lost in some form or another. Same with 'reality.'

In an ocean, dead matter from living things trickle down all the way to the bottom. Same with reality. it is a very 'contested' resource and while we aren't at the bottom, we are certainly not at the top our position is one of medium reality.

What's happening right now is an end of reality: we're running out of 'food,' we're running out of reality.

An important part of DarkStuff's thing was the fact that it had big crunch parts. That everything focused into the center. The Multiverse is collapsing in on itself and the outer rim (the least real aspects) are being destroyed and it's all collapsing into the center.

Malice's article with his reality jumpers is going to be exploring the point of the people trying to escape reality collapse.

DarkStuff's tale is going to be the opposite of 'Let there be light.' It is going to be the final note of our scenario.

The GOI format and tale draft:

For the GOI format I think the perfect thing is a Wanderer's Library format. As reality is failing, since the Library is like the hub of the multiverse, obviously things will tend to hide in the Library. And the Library is certainly noticed the vanishing Ways.

Dusted Earth scenario: the Earths become Twisted, the Earths become awful that just starts of course. I'm not sure what exactly a full loss would mean, but it would be a total lack of 'reality' as we know it.

I definitely I would think would be cool to have a another tale or GOI format, or even a Foundation tale focusing on sort of like the effects of reality failing in the 'current' universe.

100% thing I want as an additional part of this is the Galactic Foundation. That could be a really cool SCP article: the perspective of the last outpost. End of the world cramped conditions, creatures of all types of reality. Seated on one Earth. Waiting for the end. It could work as either a weird (as in recovered documents type thing) tale or an SCP article.

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