TLBR (old)
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Item#: XXXX
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Secondary Class:
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SCP-XXXX (picture taken during acquisition)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a small entity containment cell with all furniture removed. Any and all changes in SCP-XXXX's behavior are to be reported to Head Researcher Arelli, along with any and all damage SCP-XXXX has dealt to its containment cell.

To prevent a leak of classified information, personnel are not to bring paper, parchment, or any other writable material into SCP-XXXX's containment cell without permission from Head Researcher Arelli or anyone with level 5 clearance.

SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard storage container at site 76.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 15cm tall sentient humanoid robot. SCP-XXXX will attempt, to the best of its ability, to be as much of a non-violent nuisance as possible. This is aided by its arms, which can retract into its body and reappear as an appendage with a variety of tools at the end instead of a hand. Tools that have been observed at the end of SCP-XXXX's appendages include: a circular saw, a ballpoint pen, a nozzle full of glue, and a lighter.

Acquisition Log: MTF Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" was deployed to a house in Sacramento, California after numerous calls were made from that house to the police claiming that there was a “crazy robot ruining our lives”. SCP-XXXX was found in a house where it had inflicted minor damage. Most working bulbs in the house had been replaced with dead bulbs, all sinks and showers present were running, and all labels on the fuze box had been switched. Additionally, one leg on all wooden chairs and tables had been shortened, causing them to rock.

Initial Containment Log: When first placed in its cell, SCP-XXXX appeared confused, wandering around and occasionally touching the walls of its containment cell.

Incident Log XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX has cut a small piece of debris from the wall of its cell. SCP-XXXX repeatedly threw this debris at a camera that was monitoring it, cracking the lens. Camera lens was replaced and debris was removed from the cell. Roughly 6 hours later, SCP-XXXX had cut out more debris and used it to crack the camera lens again.

Note from Head Researcher Arelli: Leave it. We can still see SCP-XXXX through the cracked lens, and it isn’t worth constantly replacing.

Incident Log XXXX-2: Using its circular saw appendage, SCP-XXXX engraved "TEST" and "XXXX" into the wall of its containment cell. This was done despite researchers never mentioning SCP-XXXX's item number during tests.

Incident Log XXXX-3: Using its circular saw appendage, SCP-XXXX removed a piece of concrete from the wall of its containment cell. SCP-XXXX threw the piece of concrete at the camera, shattering the lens and making remote footage of SCP-XXXX's cell impossible. When staff arrived to replace the lens, they found that SCP-XXXX had dug a small tunnel in the South wall of its cell2. SCP-XXXX was found standing inside the tunnel, which was only 30 cm deep and did not lead anywhere. When found, SCP-XXXX waved at staff and exited the tunnel cooperatively.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX has been moved to a new small entity containment cell. This cell is similar to SCP-XXXX's previous cell, the exception being that the camera monitoring SCP-XXXX is now behind a plexiglass window, preventing SCP-XXXX from damaging it.

Note: Site Director Hoff has reminded Head Researcher Arelli that SCP-XXXX's containment has been significantly more expensive than initially expected. This was said despite the fact that it isn't Arelli's fault that he was assigned a robot that has dedicated itself to pissing everybody off and people should consider that before giving Head Researcher Arelli flak.

Incident Log XXXX-4: Using its circular saw appendage, SCP-XXXX engraved "GOOD LUCK" into the wall of its containment cell. SCP-XXXX has since been completely inert, and has been reclassified as neutralized.

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