To See Life in Pink

Once upon a time, there rested a single pink rose that grew at the top of a hill.

Though the rose lived modestly, it had a longing to spread kindness throughout the world. The rose was content with its situation, but it all changed when it met the Boy.

"Who are you?" The boy rasped.

The rose responded: "I am but a humble Rose, dear boy. But speaking with you today brings me most sheer joy."

"Do you have a name, good rose?" The boy pried.

"I am the Queen of Roses, for I have a desire to bring love to all of good will." The rose cried.

"However, I am currently in need of subjects to rule, for as now I'm simply being coy. Will you be my first subject, dearest boy?"

"Of course, good Queen. I will be your first subject." said the boy in delight.

The rose responded: "Then it is decided; henceforth, you shall be the royal knight!"

"Aye, dear Queen. I accept this role, yet I must be on my way. I have a mother and sister who love me so." said the boy.

"All is well, good knight. Go on- tally ho!"

And so, the rose was happy.

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