The Unstoppable Force
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Item #: SCP-4571

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-4571, it cannot be truly contained by definition. Containment efforts are directed towards finding SCP-4571, limiting exposure from the public, and preserving the veil as necessary.

Description: SCP-4571 is an indeterminate number of hypothetical or non-hypothetical entities, concepts, or forces that are described by the phrase “an unstoppable force." As the definition of "force" is ambiguous, SCP-4571's true form is currently unknown. SCP-4571's existence was discovered by the late Researcher Emily Sigríðurdóttir, who researched into the possibility in "something that cannot be stopped, whether literally or metaphorically." As this was determined to be the antithesis to the Foundation's goals, SCP-4571 has been classified as Keter.

SCP-4571 has been determined to possibly be one of the following:

  • Any anomalous object capable of moving indefinitely, without being impeded by any force in the universe. SCP-225 has been proven not to be SCP-4571, as the hypothetical event of the Earth's total and permanent destruction will be able to stop SCP-225.
  • Particles that are incapable of being stopped.
  • Any idea that can permanently exist without the need for sapient entities.

SCP-4571 has been determined to not be any of the following:

  • Any non-anomalous object with mass.
  • Any entity that only exists in this universe alone.
  • Found within the solar system.

Addendum 3423: All complaints regarding the validity of SCP-4571's existence will be ignored. All complaints regarding "the Foundation's paranoia towards nothing" will be punished. There will be NO complaints regarding SCP-4571 itself. -Lead Researcher Auni

Addendum 9981: On 29/6/2031, Site-552 underwent a Total-Site-Lockdown event after Dr. Hyde activated the onsite nuclear warhead, and activated 4 of the 7 "Conceptual Asylum Generators," preventing ideas from leaving the Site. Before this occurred, Dr. Hyde sent out an email to O5-2, which can be found here.

It's true, I found it.
Well, that's not really the correct word to use. I didn't so much "find" it as I found a clue of where to find it.

I'm sorry, this is all over the place already.

SCP-4571 is a threat to the Foundation's ideals, and as such is a threat to the world itself, as well as normalcy. I have determined that we have to find it, contain it the best can [sic], and
save normalcy. Currently,
we aren't doing that, so I'm doing it myself.
We don't know what SCP-4571 is, only that it cannot be stopped. But what I know is that it's infectious as well. It plagues others. I have determined that I am healthy and free corruptuion [sic] so I'm the best man for the job.

I'm going to lockdown Site-552, and have the boys get to work. When I leave that facility,

the Foundation's dignity will be


See you on the oteher side. [sic]

After the event, multiple attempts were made to enter Site-552, but none were successful. It has been theorized that the operations within Site-552, as well as Dr. Hyde, are unstoppable.

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