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So, I'm going to be putting a couple different ideas down. I'm not sure how much detail is wanted or needed. Some ideas also have sub-ideas.

Idea 1: Push button to delete anomalies, either in that they cease to exist or are retroactively removed from history. This one has a couple different flavors.
Idea 1-1: The Foundation doesn't push the button, because they're bastards.
Idea 1-2: Pushing the button has some unspecified/unknown costs.
Idea 1-2-1: The distinction between anomalies and understood science. This leaves a couple possible interesting consequences: The Foundation either 'knows' which science things are anomalous, and which aren't. Maybe flight is an anomaly. Or cancer. I'm envisioning humanity basically sent back to the dark ages. The other angle I potentially like here is that this actually sends humanity back to the Garden of Eden - because Free Will is anomaly. Is the Foundation willing to sacrifice free will for paradise? If we do Idea 1, this would probably be the best way to do it, because it's a real cost the Foundation must grapple/fracture over, and both sides have merits.

Idea 2: Soft apocalypse. There's a couple different flavors here. The one I advocate for is where humanity is subject to external, otherworldly forces (i.e. Cthulhu-like beings), etc. that are affecting the way humanity develops, possibly in a way that might not be considered human, but may not affect humanity as a whole negatively. The Foundation is forced to fight an endless losing battle against a infinitely superior foe. Either this continues forever, despite its futility, or the Foundation goes uses dangerous anomalies in desperation, successfully turning the tide, but at great cost.

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