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Tyumen 001




azusa yumi


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What to work on:

  • First and foremost: Get homework done!
  • SCP stuff
  1. Art Exchange
  2. Gayest Man Alive
  3. Yasui Clan (Yakuza Restaurant GoI)
  4. Way of Penance/Path to Atonement (Flagellant GoI) — could be combined with Yasui restaurant chain
  5. 001
  6. Azusa Yumi/Nure-onna/TactTheo Ushiku Daibutsu site
  7. Miscellaneous stories — write a lot even if it doesn't get posted!

The "Three a Month" Initiative


Translation: "Write them SCPs, boy!"

Goals: Starting in January of 2021, post at least 3 high-quality works of writing to the SCP wiki. These can be SCPs, tales or GoI formats, and more than 3 can be posted. This is meant to improve my work ethic and accustom me to working and writing on a schedule, as well as helping me improve the quality of my writing.

As there are only less than 20 days remaining in December (and the year 2020), my goal for the rest of the year is to post at least one high-quality article before Christmas. This will most likely end up being either my Art Exchange piece or the Second Gayest Man Alive.

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