Eleanor U.E.'s Proposal: Fin.
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Welcome to your new position, O5-13

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: Every morning at 8:00, you will be provided a script by ƟU-001. Every decision you make as an overseer must be in service to following said script. Your fellow O5s, along with the administrative heads of the Global Occult Coalition, the Chaos Insurgency, and the Horizon Initiative, have been provided with identical scripts. You are encouraged to collaborate.

SCP-001 is to remain within the 65 to 185 range in all circumstances. Failure to maintain such a range constitutes an Eschatology Event, in which case in which case you are to immediately execute an Improv Protocol of the appropriate range. Improve Protocols consist of the neutralization, release, or containment of certain anomalies. Preferably, SCP-001 is to be kept within the 100-135 range.

Should SCP-001 ever fall outside the 25-231 range or the death of all known sapient lifeforms is imminent, Protocol 319-Mandala is to be executed immediately. In the remaining minutes before the resulting YK-Class Universal Reset, you are free to do whatever you wish.

Description: SCP-001 is a loss function representing the progress of two metaphysical forces known as SCP-Alpha and SCP-Omega. SCP-001 tracks a multitude of events, ultimately quantifying their sum, context, and severity into values between 0 and 255, with 0 representing an SCP-Alpha "victory" state and 255 representing an SCP-Omega "victory" state. SCP-001 is 033-Complete, and as of 02/05/2013 tracked automatically by a network of supercomputers managed by ƟU-001.

SCP-Alpha refers to both the rate of the universe's expansion and the rate at which matter will enter a permanent stasis. At SCP-001=0, reality is expected to undergo a ZK-Alpha End of Entropy scenario, resulting in an infinitely expanding, entirely static universe.

SCP-Omega refers to both the rate at which matter is created and the rate of disappearance of usable space. At SCP-001=255, reality is expected to undergo a ZK-Omega End of Existence scenario, leaving a complete lack of space for existential functions to operate.

SCP-001 was originally developed shortly after World War I during a joint effort by Dr. Ezra Fritzwilliams and Elizabeth Maddox to create a single function that might explain the workings of the universe.

Due to the indefinite nature of spacetime, a victory state is inevitable.

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