Technician Empira's Proposal: Just Add Another Zero
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Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0001 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber in the Auxiliary Containment Facility of Site-56. At its request, SCP-0001 is to be fed vegetarian rations and held to a strict exercise regimen. Twice per month, SCP-0001 is to meet with a therapist trained for patients with ADHD and depersonalization disorder.

The SCP-0001 containment team is to convince SCP-0001 that it has been assigned a position of significant power within the SCP Foundation. Personnel in its presence are to refer to it by its chosen name, using "she/her" pronouns while addressing it in third person. SCP-0001's input is to be requested regarding a number of fabricated situations involving fascist, homophobic, and/or antisemitic Groups of Interest, in order to convince it that its relationship with the Foundation is mutually beneficial.

As standard for Thaumiel-White Humanoid Anomalies, SCP-0001 may request entertainment materials such as books, movies, and video games. The office of O5-4 is to curate a list of existing or manufacturable media that, through proper application, would curb SCP-0001's political and socioeconomic objections to the Foundation's overarching goals. To this end, under no circumstances are the works of Franz Kafka or George Orwell to be provided, quoted, or mentioned in the presence of SCP-0001.

A miniature security terminal modeled after the Foundation PANOPTICON surveillance system has been incorporated into SCP-0001's containment chamber. This system, dubbed "MALOPTICON", monitors a series of cognito-, info-, and ontohazards unfit for human memeplexes. SCP-0001 is required to report to a ƟU-unit all information pertaining to the successful containment of MALOPTICON-monitored anomalies.

A representative of Overwatch Command is to oversee the SCP-0001 project, ensuring its continued support in service to the Foundation's goals.

Description: SCP-0001 is a Jewish-American transgender female, allegedly 24-years-old upon its initial containment in 08/04/2020. Aside from myopia, asthma, and an extensively damaged memeplex, SCP-0001 is physiologically normal.

SCP-0001 possesses a limited omniscience, manifesting as extensive knowledge of metaphysical principles, isolated sub-Veil social structures, previously undiscovered anomalous history, future events, and top-secret information known only to Foundation Administration. According to SCP-0001, this omniscience comes from moderating a hyperdimensional collaborative writing project within which the entirety of baseline existence is contained; as SCP-0001 has yet to display the ontokinetic abilities necessary to affect reality on such a scale, this claim has been dismissed as falsehood.

Although SCP-0001's anomalous abilities encompass a wide range of mental and conceptual hazards, it is immune to the effects associated with such. Furthermore, it is cognizant of such hazards, avoiding their proliferation whenever possible.

Presently, SCP-0001 suffers from a unique form of depersonalization disorder wherein it sees itself as a fictionalized depiction of its "real" self, who remains a moderator of the supposed hyperdimensional collaborative writing project. This appears to be a consequence of its present circumstances, and not a secondary anomalous effect.


SCP-0001 spontaneously appeared during experimentation of a newly-developed Conceptual Vacuum Chamber1, dressed in ripped jean leggings and a blue t-shirt depicting cartoon animals over five lines of nonsense phrases. Testing was halted 7 seconds later, by which time it had suffered injuries consistent with sudden vacuum exposure.

Upon waking, SCP-0001 panicked, identifying itself as a "horror writer entity" with information pertinent to the Foundation's interests, including:

  1. The whereabouts of the present Administrator's eldest daughter.
  2. The location of PoI-SRK002 ("Klavigar Nadox").
  3. SCP-2677's primary purpose.
  4. Effective containment procedures for "something that can fill the 4900 plus 47 slot".
  5. The identity and goals of SCP-140-A.

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