Critter Profile: Tweedy!
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IMPORTANT: This Critter Profile is a bit of a conundrum!

Now, hypothetically, let's say there was something you could only ever tell the truth about. Simple, right? Now imagine you could only ever tell the truth about it through a specific selection of quotes, open for misinterpretation and quick segue's into uncomfortable conversation. You'd want to avoid talking about it, right?

Hypothetically, let's say he's a critter named Tweedy. Now, we'd have to take care of him, and to do that we'd have to talk about him. Easiest way to get around that would be to talk about a hypothetical instance with the same name that didn't actually exist, right?

Read between the lines.


Critter Profile: (In-theory,) Tweedy!



Name: Theoretically, Tweedy

Species: Potentially Psittacus erithacus (African Grey Parrot)

Primary Caretaker: Avian Team, Annabelle Kawajiri

Diet: Possibly pellets (any brand!), squash, and carrots

Housed: Avian District

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