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Item #: SCP-4033 Level 2/4033
Object Class: Keter Classified


An instance of SCP-4033.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler ƟU-738 is set to search for any keywords related to SCP-4033 instances. When an instance of SCP-4033 has been located, Foundation IT technicians are to access the transactions list1, then shut down the domain.

Following containment, a list of transactions associated with the current instance is to be drafted and sent to the Foundation legal department as soon as possible. If possible, contract ownership is to be immediately transferred to the groups or entities under which SCP-4033-1 impersonated upon the date of transaction. Entities listed in Document-4033-A are to be excluded from this procedure, and ownership must therefore transfer to the client.

Mobile Task Forces Theta-6 ("Witch Hunters") and Upsilon-52 ("Cater Duty") are to locate and detain SCP-4033 clients. Clients are to be released and amnesticized as soon as contractual ownership is transferred.

SCP-4033-1 is to be contained in a Type-B Density-Anomaly containment cell fitted with a scale. Sudden increases in weight are to be treated as a successful Faust Event.

Description: SCP-4033-1 appears to be an African-American male in his mid-40s named Donald Trevor Fortman; however, SCP-4033-1's identity is either undocumented or fabricated, and SCP-4033-1 itself has not been observed to age or sleep. SCP-4033-1 is 170 cm tall and as of 11/02/2019 weighs 768 kg, much of which is the result of its anomalous abilities.

SCP-4033-1 is freely capable of creating and maintaining a single instance of SCP-4033 at any one time.

Instances of SCP-4033 take the form of websites that offer goods and services in exchange for an individual's soul.2

SCP-4033 also features a link to a "standard introductory pact", clicking the link opens a new tab, but this site features neither URL nor IP address. The new site features of a shorter text and a questionnaire, this site once again has the same memetic effects as the original site.

Following the text is the questionnaire, as well as a button saying "Sign Pact".
The questionnaire consists of 5 questions
1. Legal Name
2. Street Address
3. Deepest Desire
4. Recent Former Affiliation3
5. Favorite Sin4

Further testing with SCP-4033-3, a USB Drive containing an offline version of SCP-4033, confirmed that after signing the pact, the individual, now designated SCP-4033-1, report that they feel incredibly light, "as though a weight had been lifted off of them", further testing concluded that individuals lose approximately 21 grams (3/4 of an ounce) after signing SCP-4033. The wish they expressed is also instantly fulfilled. Psychological screenings of SCP-4033-1 instances determined that they're incapable of processing complex emotions, MRT screenings however do not show any difference of neurological activity in the anterior cingulate cortex5 Further interviewing and testing of SCP-4033-1 instances also showed increased levels of aggressions to people who are openly of Abrahamic faith.


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