Dybbuk Box
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Threat Level: Yellow



Special Containment Procedures: The interior of SCP-XXXX is to be monitored on a continuous basis. To this end, a surveillance suite monitoring all relevant facets of the anomaly has been installed into SCP-XXXX, each of which is associated with a set of standard values and states. Containment personnel are expected to memorize these standards, and are to conduct hourly assessments to determine if any such standards have been violated.

The violation of any standard is associated with the emergence of anomalous activity; this activity is to be recorded, and passed onto Foundation Overwatch for processing. Under no circumstances is such activity to be interrupted.

Personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX's maintenance are not to leave SCP-XXXX without explicit permission from the Office of O5-4.


On 18/06/2013, extenuating circumstances forced several remote projects under AFPKAGR-Site-09's jurisdiction to undergo extensive restructuring. This included SCP-XXXX; in conjunction with the state of the local SCP-XXXX project's morale, Foundation Overwatch released its maintenance personnel from their duties.

The SCP-XXXX maintenance team was replaced with the following personnel:

  • Researcher Jamak ibnat Tarik al-Salameh: Head Researcher of the SCP-XXXX project. Former head of the Explained Division of INDLND-Site-04.
  • Junior Technician Boris Mattuk: Maintenance Technician. Former Hygiene Technician for CNXZHM-Area-02.
  • Junior Technician Kala Yamataka: Maintenance Technician. Former Hygiene Technician for USNVBR-Site-56.


Known Abnormalities: N/A

Researcher al-Salameh and Junior Technicians Mattuk and Yamataka sit around the conference table in SCP-XXXX's Eastern wing. al-Salameh reviews something on her laptop, before closing it and clearing her throat.

al-Salameh: Right. I trust we've all been briefed on what we're here for.

Mattuk: Ehh, I'd have liked it a little more specific?

Yamataka: Yeah. And, no offense mind you, but… I don't know. Is that a thing to complain about?

al-Salameh: (sighing) Is what a thing to complain about?

Yamataka: Sorry, sorry. My old position, well, we didn't talk much, right? Um.

Yamataka pauses for several seconds, making indistinct gestures with her right hand.

Yamataka: Right, sorry. I, uh, I barely had time to adjust to the time zone? I was in, uh, well if you're cleared for it you know where I was. It's pretty far from Afghanistan, right? So I was, I guess I was hoping for time to adjust.

Mattuk: Y'know, now the she mentions it, this did feel a little slapdash.

al-Salameh: I'm sorry for that. Really.

All remain silent for several seconds.

al-Salameh: Right. So, if you haven't been trained in esoteric surveillance technology, take note of the labels on each machine. In your dorms is a cheat sheet for what's what, how it's displayed, and what the normal values are.

Elements of this are taken from the story of Ashmedai and Solomon. As it was written earlier than 1926, it falls under the Public Domain.

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