SCP-2669-Jr: Khevtuul 2, the kid-friendly companion to Khevtuul 1
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Projected Khevtuul 2 flight plan as of Season 3 (green)

Item #: SCP-2669-Jr

Object Class: TV-Y7

Special Containment Procedures: The Khevtuul 2 Command Center has been established within the Foundation Office of Standards and Broadcasting in order to maintain communication between the SCP-2669 project and select focus groups. Project Heimdall resources formerly allocated in accordance to the Roosevelt-Fitzroy Labor Directive are to be redeployed with the aim of maximizing SCP-2669's ratings. All periods in which SCP-2669 and SCP-2669-Jr are recorded are to be used in furtherance of this goal.

Due to the potential for high numbers of wacky hijnks and heartwarming moments, the Foundation Logistics Department has been authorized to establish a specialized merchandising program dedicated to increasing audience engagement. This program is tentatively approved to begin operations at Shenzhen, Guangdong, under the established "Olney Ironworks" Foundation-managed brand.

Description: SCP-2669-Jr is the Khevtuul 2 space probe, designed, constructed, and launched in 2017 following the failure of the SCP-2669 project. SCP-2669-Jr's prime directive is to act as the kid-friendly companion to SCP-2669, amassing popularity with SCP-2669's secondary target demographic, a function beyond existing anomalies within the requisite scope.

SCP-2669-Jr utilizes the following capabilities not attainable with currently understood marketing:

  • Effective faster-than-light (FTL) travel. Research and application of a nutritious diet in partnership with Prometheus Labs allow Khevtuul 2 to travel at speeds of approximately [AUTHOR GAVE UP]c while promoting an active lifestyle to the youth demographic.
  • Instantaneous communication and control. Khevtuul 2 was designed with the Stellar Hyperdrive Intercommunication Transfer Protocol, Enhanced Edition (SHITPEE), an improvement on Khevtuul 1's own CDGC system. Study and examination of everything wrong with SCP-2669's source code enabled a spunky and upbeat human consciousness to be uploaded to the control interface. Furthermore, system firmware was updated in order to block Khevtuul 2 from assuming complete control of its functions in a futile and tragically-preventable attempt at reclaiming its corporeal body.1

As of present, Khevtuul 2 has accompanied SCP-2669 on 52 half-hour episodes worth of wacky hijinks. Records following the season finale remain classified at this time.

SCP-2669-Jr is host to the consciousness of D-789-J (the former Researcher James2). D-789-J exerts autonomous control over the probe, and actively explores the cosmos alongside SCP-2669. Due to the recent success of the SCP-2669 series with the youth demographic, containment procedures have been updated.

Experimentation suggests that D-789-J has increased youth engagement by 58%, while reducing SCP-2669's guest star turnover rate by 94%. In absence of network pressure, SCP-2669-Jr and SCP-2669's propulsion systems have taken the probes on a series of wacky adventures in the darkness of space. However, SCP-2669 shows heavy resistance to its employment, though such resistance has been mitigated by SCP-2669-Jr's presence. The eventual fate of the SCP-2669 project is unknown, but is expected to be syndication.

Credit to KalininKalinin for SCP-2669 (whose structure I shamelessly riffed)

khevtuul 2

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