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Item #: SCP-1923-J Level 5/1923-J
Object Class: Wack1 Classified

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-1923-J, the Foundation lacks the resources to contain it. Current containment focuses on mitigating SCP-1923-J's influence on the Foundation.

Mobile Task Force Ligma-5 ("Frog Men") are tasked with executing Disinformation Campaign Bofa-6 ("Being mad online") in an attempt to sway public opinion against SCP-1923-J. To facilitate this endeavor, several high-profile works by Foundation front company Marvel Comics have been sabotaged.

Other Foundation assets are encouraged to promote "realistic" retellings of SCP-1923-J-licensed media in an attempt to recreate SCP-1923-J's anomalous abilities. None of you are good at this, huh?

Description: SCP-1923-J is the Walt Disney Company, a multinational media conglomerate founded on the 16██ of Oct████, █923. As of ██/██/██, SCP-1923-J is valued at $integer overflow.

SCP-1923-J is capable of causing localized CK-Class Restructuring Events through the licensing of fictional and nonfictional stories. Such events result in a significant majority of humanity believing SCP-1923-J's adaptations to have been what actually happened. Additionally, following the licensing of SCP-2747, such events result in Type-C retrocausal shifts in reality while nonfiction is involved.

Documentation Licensed: SCP-3512

Synopsis of Changes: Entire timeline of events altered. SCP-3512-2 fundamentally altered to serve as the framing device/autobiography of PoI-3512-5.

Agents Cooper and Rey enter Barcelona in search of an anomaly resemblant to SCP-3512-1, where they encounter PoI-3512-5 in a warehouse party. PoI-3512-5 is accompanied by a small, speaking instance of SCP-3512-1 named Jose2.

PoI-3512-5 and Agent Cooper possess little romantic chemistry; despite this, PoI-3512-5 attempts to woo Agent Cooper with a manufactured display of skill, assisted by Jose. This nearly works, before Agent Rey accidentally reveals Jose.


Documentation Licensed: SCP-2610

Synopsis of Changes:


Documentation Licensed: SCP-3001

Synopsis of Changes:


Documentation Licensed: SCP-2669

Synopsis of Changes: Entire timeline of events altered.

Dr. Asma Tareen is a haughty scientist of conspicuously Pashtun ethnicity

Observations: Dr. Tareen was subsequently inducted into the "Disney Princess" roster.

Documentation Licensed: SCP-3625

Synopsis of Changes: No changes.

Observations: SCP-3625 continues to output hostile internet memes at a rate of ██ fucktons per hour.

Documentation Licensed: SCP-4504

Synopsis of Changes:


Documentation Licensed: SCP-1514

Synopsis of Changes: [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1514 reclassified as Neutralized.

Observations: Morale among SCP-1514 researchers has plummeted. This is attributed to the fact that Disney ruined Star Wars.

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