UIU File: 1929-000
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UIU File 1929-000

Codename: "The Adminstrator"


Picture taken prior to containment.

Electronic copy below as per Federal Records Act

Summary: Founder of hostile containment group, connections to Object-001. Possible extraterrestrial origins.

Suspect Description/Capabilities

Name: J. Edgar Hoover

Irregularity Cross-reference: Human, knowledge, extraterrestrial

Physical Description:

Sex Height Weight/Build Race Hair Eyes
Male 5'7" 145 lbs, Skinny White Light Brown Brown


Purpose/Motive: Secure. Contain. Protect.

Modus Operandi: (How does it do it?)

Behavior: (How does it act while doing it?)


Chicago Warehouse: [really, really basic containment facility]

B: Sample: Description of evidence

C: Sample: Description of evidence

(photographs associated w/ the file go in here, preferably last)

Bureau Record

Current Status: How the UIU is currently, or not currently, holding the irregularity

Crimes: If applicable, what crimes it committed, that brought it to the attention of the FBI

Sentencing: If applicable, what the legal or extra-legal sentencing for the object was. Indefinite detention is always a good go-to.

History of UIU Action: A logged history, with dates, of the irregularities interactions with the UIU before, during, and possibly after captivity.

Interview Log:


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