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special containment procedures: welcome to my lovely geocities site. thank you for visiting.

description: i am uncle nicolini and i like to write whatever comes to mind. i like collabing and i love reading. my best friend is my dog. she's a furry little idiot and i love her. but anyway, you're probably here to look at what i've written. have at it.

scp- 3297
probably the least proud of my works. it was my first article and to be honest i'm ashamed of it. i may rewrite it soon. this article was written out of grief for my grandmother. seeing her become someone she isn't really took a toll on me.

good memories became painful ones knowing how far she'd come. but deep down i like to think she always remembers.

written with JanitorCakeworthJanitorCakeworth, who smells really bad. it was my first time collabing and he was a cool partner to work with. the article was mostly his idea but the original draft was just an x-men hotel. i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out despite being obscure as hell.

scp- 3803
truth be told this was essentially a cold post and i'm surprised people like it so much. it was inspired by the endless business cards i've exchanged during my career as a white collar worker.

this article was also inspired by my time as a white collar office worker. i hate corporate babble, in case you were wondering.


its me hi everyone!!!!!!!

scp-4003 (4000 contest entry)
i wrote a 4k entry with Papa SenPapa Sen and SecretCrowSecretCrow. it's dinosaurs vs cowboys. yes, i'm serious. yes, it's really stupid. it's also my favorite work so far.

one of my various collabs with Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade who is my friend and awesome pal. it's about dado and wondertainment!

a collab with hot_coles does not match any existing user name to make the queen of roses.


critter profile: maya!
i love wws so much. maya was made as a two-part project with SecretCrowSecretCrow.

critter profile: wobbles!
i love wws and spc. i'm surprised no one thought to put them together before. written with DrAnnoyingDogDrAnnoyingDog


cack hard
written with Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade who i totally love and is an awesome person.

cack hard 2: revengeance: reloaded
written by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade and i. god help us.

classy carlos goes to therapy
a tale i wrote based on articles written by my friends JanitorCakeworthJanitorCakeworth and GibberingEloquenceGibberingEloquence

cured hams
this tale is a sin and you shouldn't read it.

tim wilson's close shave
tim wilson has a close encounter with the children of the night.

seven days with mr. fish
mr. fish has a bad week.

addendum: why are you still reading this shit?

anyway, if you want to write anything with me (which i love to do!) or yell at me for having such an awful author page, shoot me a pm!

addendum 2: people who could have stopped me but didn't
TSATPWTCOTTTADCTSATPWTCOTTTADC NewyRoseNewyRose dr aers does not match any existing user name
thank you for making this monstrosity possible

the dancing number gifs are from here and the dancing baby is free media. everything else is from wiki commons cc license or clip art.

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