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ROUNDERHOUSE> Ard: I just had an idea
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5:46 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> for made in heaven
5:47 PM <•ARD> Oh?
5:47 PM Side note, we never recorded our brainstorming sesh from yesterday
5:49 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> ARD: why should o5-1 actually kill or amnesticize himself to make room for his replacement? all the other o5s and staff and skips are dead - no one's gonna be there to catch him. he just… doesn't. he goes on, founds another foundation, repeats. again and again and again. We're seeing the first cycle where he gets sick of the rat race.
5:50 PM <•ARD> I contemplated that. I think I got concerned that it was hewing too close towards the Administrator from TWIE
5:51 PM I assume that you and unclenicolini are interested in rewriting the article to hew closer to the idea that the Foundation periodically purges itself in order to keep the game of anomalies afoot
5:51 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> that's what I'm thinking - idk abour nico
5:51 PM <unclenicolini> yes
5:51 PM <•ARD> OK cool, so we are all on the same page
5:51 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> I think the Administrator in TWIE is different enough for it to be separate from o5-1
5:52 PM <•ARD> OK, I can live with that
5:52 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> unclenicolini: read up for idea
5:52 PM JazSleep → Jazstar
5:52 PM <•ARD> hmmm
5:53 PM We might need to dismantle the SCP kill table
5:53 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> ARD: the immortality schtick would also work if o5-1 was bright like u suggested but also ehhh
5:53 PM <•ARD> replace it with a release table
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5:53 PM <•ARD> ROUNDERHOUSE: oh yeah, i'm discarding the bright idea
5:53 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> amnesticize + release
5:53 PM o
5:53 PM <•ARD> yeah
5:53 PM <unclenicolini> are we still gonna do the alt endings in which he gets killed by everyone
5:54 PM <•ARD> natch
5:54 PM i didn't really like that idea to be honest
5:54 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> I do like the idea that amnestics don't work on 682, which is why is why he's so hateful and disillusioned toward the foundation as an institution rather than any specific guy
5:54 PM <•ARD> yeah, i'm willing to keep that one
5:54 PM leave him where he is
5:55 PM because like, when you replay the game there's some things that annoy you about the early game right?
5:55 PM 682 is that
5:55 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> maybe bright lost it after seeing all his friends get killed hundreds of times? Idk
5:55 PM explains lolfoundation bright lmao
5:55 PM <•ARD> here's an idea
5:55 PM <unclenicolini> the 682 idea is good.
5:55 PM <•ARD> bright is the meterstick
5:56 PM he's the real O5-9, the O5-9 people know of is just one of Bright's factotums
5:56 PM when bright has amassed too much power or gotten bored of where he is, he's the one who alerts O5-1 to begin the purge
5:56 PM hmmm, maybe not
5:57 PM that might be giving him too much
5:57 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> Yeah not so hot on that one
5:57 PM <•ARD> oh fuck me
5:57 PM i think i have an idea
5:57 PM so the foundation is a game, right? being played by all these people
5:57 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> I like the idea that everyone is doing it fully believing that everyone else is also doing it - but there's nothing to actually keep the big guys upstairs doijg it
5:57 PM Uh huh
5:58 PM <•ARD> what if every big boss in all the GOIs is an immortal — a being of power having existed since time immemorial, and in order to keep themselves occupied, they're playing this game
5:58 PM once one faction has amassed all the power, it's time to end the game and reset the board
5:58 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> oh fuuuuuuuck
5:59 PM shit that's nice
5:59 PM D. C. Al Fine, the Engineer, the Administrator, Dr. W, Ion, Bumaro
5:59 PM <•ARD> so every O5 is in on it, wondertainment is in on it, messrs. marshall, carter, and dark are in on it, ion and bumaro are in on it, thomas anderson of the factory is in on it
6:00 PM the engineer
6:00 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> Fuck that's nice
6:00 PM <•ARD> and so our document would occur at a point in which the foundation has won The Game
6:00 PM and they're preparing to clear the board
6:00 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> The emails can be from the other Leaders to the Administrator, maybe?
6:00 PM <•ARD> emails from the leaders to the O5's, wanting to swap plces
6:01 PM so O5-9 decides hey, he wants to be bumaro this time
6:01 PM O5-5 decides she'd like to try being wondertainment
6:01 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> Oh wait the whole council is immortals
6:01 PM <•ARD> The engineer wants to play rich king
6:01 PM <unclenicolini> this is gold
6:01 PM recast
6:01 PM <•ARD> hmm, maybe not the whole council
6:01 PM that might be overdoing it
6:01 PM yeah OK
6:01 PM the administrator alone
6:01 PM alright write this shit down
6:01 PM i have something else to attend to for a while
6:01 PM <ROUNDERHOUSE> I'm on mobile
6:02 PM <•ARD> unclenicolini: this is you
6:02 PM i'm willing to sit down tonight and start writing with you guys
6:02 PM <unclenicolini> grabbing it

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