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Entrance to SCP-001-A (not pictured, in crater).

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Tiamat

Special Containment Procedures (Revision 02-07-18): As of the implementation of these containment procedures, all SCP Foundation lunar operations have been suspended. This includes the decommissioning of both Lunar Holding Sites, immediate cessation of any and all testing on SCPs currently contained within either Site, and an evacuation of all Foundation personnel who have temporary or permanent residence within either Site.

Civilian observations of SCP-001 are no longer to be explained as a comet trapped inside a low-earth orbit; instead, restriction of information regarding the true nature of SCP-001 is to be considered secondary to effective containment and/or destruction of the body.

Should any activity be detected from within SCP-001-λ, a perimeter is to be established by the nearest RRF (Rapid-Response Force) until such a time as the source of the activity is established. In the event that the cause of activity is similar to SCP-001-B, an immediate insurgence by MTFs Kappa-10 "Skynet" and Mu-4 "Debuggers" should be attempted with the goal of disarming any hostile cybernetic entities within the anomaly.


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