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URA-8799, Collected Documentation


Summary: A compilation of documents regarding Unregistered Anomaly #8799. The object has not recieved SCP classification due to its contents, and regarding such, is only to be authorized by the RAISA Overseer Council Maintenance Division, Overseer Council, and the RAISA Administration.

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URA-8799 is a series of spacial anomalies located outside of the solar system. These objects are generally ~5100 kilometers in radius, and are not visible without the use of an infared filter. URA-8799 instances resemble black spherical objects; approximately ~1.28% of all light is reflected off of URA-8799 instances.

Although inconclusive, it has been speculated that URA-8799 is able to create matter within the solar system. URA-8799 is incapable of destroying matter.

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