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Kontainer # Kontainer Link Current Project
1 001 Proposal Between a Rock and a Hard Place
2 WWS Format Wilco Wildlife Solutions
3 Tales DCFaDP
4 SCP-XXXX Art Theft
5 Essay The Importance of Being Earnest
6 SCP-XXXX The King of Pigs
8 SCP-XXXX I Was A Teenage Succubus
9 The Shit Show didney Fass buuk
10 Tale General Bowe is Pokemon Going to Die
11 SCP-4401 Imperfect Quine
12 Tale Shrimp Heaven is a Place on Earth [ADULT WARNING]


  • Joke scp about a sign that says "if your reading this your gay", contained by a bunch of 4th-grade foundationers
  • "Rods from Hashem", Anti-nazi kinetic sattelite
  • 205 tale, "453.592 Kilogramz"
  • "LIKE FATHER, STEPFATHER" Alto Clef Sr. must deal with Alto Clef Jr. once and for all. It'd reveal Jr is the creation of a bixby, adopted by Clef in his GOC days. Clef nearly went type green once, and now he must stop Jr from walking that path.
  • "Landlord and Tenant": The apartment that just wants company and the flies who hate it.
  • "Queen of Carrot Flowers": Skip about a GOC mech (Queen of Long Knives) and ƟU-732 (CARROT FLOWER) meeting and falling in love
  • "As Within, so Without" IDK the name sounds cool
  • "I Saw You, Hyperion", a romance keter
  • "A Vicious Cycle"
  • "Where Have You Been All my Life", Vend-A-Friend gooey-format. Has to end heartwarming
  • ORIA/AWCY taqwacore?
  • "Essie Punks Fuck Off!" Theta-6 attends a tentacore music festival.
  • "Wilco's Wildlife Solutions" tale
  • "Protecting Normalcy", the Parisian origin of Theta-6
  • "Nineteen Year Old Jessica Lambert and a Male Prime Minister of Abnormal Disapproval, Forever"
  • "Everything is Fine, Here" Keter Duty slice of life. 2677/2719, 094/2700, 3004/743, 435/515, 1447/609, 818/239, 952/738, 610/217, 2852/3127, 076/1348, 3984/2935
  • Self-Propagation of Biomechanical Extraterrestrials, EX-SCP about an ant-like species that developed on another world
  • "Morally Mandated Into Existence": Fifthists are space terfs.
  • "Ezra Jacob Cohen" 'Pataphysical Borscht Belt protagonist that fucks with documentation.
  • "Am Mount Golgotha:" Following the performance of OMG, the actors involved become pieces of a living symphony in the next world.
  • "To Catch a Keter": Broken Masquerade Project Crossover tale, ends with 783 ruining everything
  • "SF-Class Soft Rains Scenario": The Foundation goes automatic
    • "Light snow, soft rain, gentle heat, peaceful gloom": Everything that ever was a human disappears in an instant.
    • "SF-Class Debriefing:" Marvin.aic debriefs the remaining Foundation AIs on SF-Class Soft Rains Scenarios, including neutralizations, required decommissions, and how to protect normalcy when humanity isn't there to appreciate it.
    • "ƟU-NICO's Proposal: Wilson's Wildlife Problem" Wilson's Wildlife becomes a Maksur anomaly as the whole site breaches, crosstests, and becomes a nightmare.
    • "Tales from #ethicscommittee: The Foundation Achieves World Peace:" Nonhuman representatives from each GOI meet to discuss what to do next.
    • "A Whole New Them:" Anderson begins developing mass-produced humanoids to help everyone deal.
    • "Mekhane's Advocate:" The world goes beautiful as increased industrial reliance causes a world-ending ecological disaster. Even so, the Foundation contains, Mekhanites build, and anartists create.
    • "Better World:" Saphir format. As the 2020s closed, Saphir became a force to be reckoned with, and began indiscriminately killing gods. Unfortunately, as the last god on earth fell, one from the stars saw Saphir's "devotion", deemed humanity worthy of paradise, and forcibly Rapture'd everything and anything that is or was at any point human.
  • "Parent Teacher Association Hell" Director Drummond is taken to task over her two shit kids.
  • "Rotbugs" Post Damnatio ad Bestias, the ORIA and HI are having a problem with anomalously hungry, decay-spreading cicadas
    • Unfounded 001?
  • "There's a Hole in the Bucket" Factory portable holes, in partnership with the Lady of the Flood. Not Good things come out of these holes.
  • "The Things We Found On The Other Side Of Russia" Fathers and Mothers of the Flood return from 4947
  • "Drilling the Gift Horse's Teeth" Packages containing hole-boring centipedes. Think 4947 without the meta.
  • Assorted Jacks
    • "El Scorcho" Jack of Spades made a deal with Bandages to be human. It didn't quite work out.
    • "The Demon Slayer, Emphasized Correctly" Jack of Clubs births his own monstrosities, hunts half of them to keep his reputation and fuck more.
      • Drummond notices the miscarriages as a premed student?
  • "Eight Million Eyes to the Three Concentric Skies": King Cicada discovers JWs. The result is a living watchtower that crawls around like a drunken spider.
  • "Insect Free Love" Flowers bloom around the world that make bugs breed between spieces, gradually developing into worse and worse abominations. "Rewrite" of Insect Hell.
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