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Kontainer # Kontainer Link Current Project
1 001 Proposal Between a Rock and a Hard Place
2 WWS Format Wilco Wildlife Solutions
3 Tales DCFaDP
4 SCP-XXXX Art Theft
5 Essay The Importance of Being Earnest
6 SCP-XXXX The King of Pigs
8 SCP-XXXX I Was A Teenage Succubus
9 The Shit Show didney Fass buuk
10 Tale General Bowe is Pokemon Going to Die
11 SCP-4401 Imperfect Quine
12 Tale Shrimp Heaven is a Place on Earth [ADULT WARNING]


  • Joke scp about a sign that says "if your reading this your gay", contained by a bunch of 4th-grade foundationers
  • "Rods from Hashem", Anti-nazi kinetic sattelite
  • 205 tale, "453.592 Kilogramz"
  • "LIKE FATHER, STEPFATHER" Alto Clef Sr. must deal with Alto Clef Jr. once and for all. It'd reveal Jr is the creation of a bixby, adopted by Clef in his GOC days. Clef nearly went type green once, and now he must stop Jr from walking that path.
  • "Landlord and Tenant": The apartment that just wants company and the flies who hate it.
  • "Queen of Carrot Flowers": Skip about a GOC mech (Queen of Long Knives) and ƟU-732 (CARROT FLOWER) meeting and falling in love
  • "As Within, so Without" IDK the name sounds cool
  • "I Saw You, Hyperion", a romance keter
  • "A Vicious Cycle"
  • "Where Have You Been All my Life", Vend-A-Friend gooey-format. Has to end heartwarming
  • ORIA/AWCY taqwacore?
  • "Essie Punks Fuck Off!" Theta-6 attends a tentacore music festival.
  • "Wilco's Wildlife Solutions" tale
  • "Protecting Normalcy", the Parisian origin of Theta-6
  • "Nineteen Year Old Jessica Lambert and a Male Prime Minister of Abnormal Disapproval, Forever"
  • "Everything is Fine, Here" Keter Duty slice of life. 2677/2719, 094/2700, 3004/743, 435/515, 1447/609, 818/239, 952/738, 610/217, 2852/3127, 076/1348, 3984/2935
  • Self-Propagation of Biomechanical Extraterrestrials, EX-SCP about an ant-like species that developed on another world
  • "Morally Mandated Into Existence": Fifthists are space terfs.
  • "Ezra Jacob Cohen" 'Pataphysical Borscht Belt protagonist that fucks with documentation.
  • "Am Mount Golgotha:" Following the performance of OMG, the actors involved become pieces of a living symphony in the next world.
  • "To Catch a Keter": Broken Masquerade Project Crossover tale, ends with 783 ruining everything
  • "SF-Class Soft Rains Scenario": The Foundation goes automatic
  • "Parent Teacher Assosciation Hell" Director Drummond is taken to task over her two shit kids.
  • "Rotbugs" Post Damnatio ad Bestias, the ORIA and HI are having a problem with anomalously hungry, decay-spreading cicadas
    • Unfounded 001?
  • "There's a Hole in the Bucket" Factory portable holes, in partnership with the Lady of the Flood. Not Good things come out of these holes.
  • "The Things We Found On The Other Side Of Russia" Fathers and Mothers of the Flood return from 4947
  • "Drilling the Gift Horse's Teeth" Packages containing hole-boring centipedes. Think 4947 without the meta.
  • Assorted Jacks
    • "El Scorcho" Jack of Spades made a deal with Bandages to be human. It didn't quite work out.
    • "The Demon Slayer, Emphasized Correctly" Jack of Clubs births his own monstrosities, hunts half of them to keep his reputation and fuck more.
      • Drummond notices the miscarriages as a premed student?
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