Varaxous Thing Whatever

Item #: SCP-S

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-S is to be held at Site-37 within the basement area it was found in. Experimentation with SCP-S is prohibited.

SCP-S is only to be activated following an unanimous vote by all standing members of the O5 council. Research into the exact specifications and reason for its construction are currently underway.

Description: SCP-S is a metallic sphere held in place by six trigonal-pyramids, discovered below Site-37 in a previously unknown basement area. Each of the pyramids levitate 90° away from each other, the vertex of each positioned approximately 3 cm away from the sphere in the center. It is unknown how the pyramids maintain their position.

Documents found with SCP-S-1 indicate that if activated, SCP-S-1 would form a hume singularity, something previously thought to be impossible to produce.

This singularity would have an infinite hume density, which depending on the 'mass' of the singularity, would reduce the hume levels in a specified area to zero. While low hume environments are somewhat understood, a zero-hume area or object has never been encountered.

The leading theory suggests that the creation of such a hume environment would result in the cessation of existence within the area, apart from the singularity located in the center. It is suspected that such an area would be permanent, should it be created.

Another theory, building upon the previous one, suggest that such an area could lead to a chain reaction possibly resulting in an ZK-Class end of reality scenario.

Addendum-S-1: There is no documentation as to how SCP-S-1 was discovered, created, or came into the possession of the Foundation. In fact, documents indicate that two of these machines were built, despite the fact that only one is in the possession of the Foundation. These same documents also transportation procedures for SCP-S-1 from a currently non-existent Site-13 to its current location.

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