Vines that Bring Me Back to the Good Ol’ Days - Mew’s Drafts/Co-Authored by Dr_Aloe

Item #: Not applicable, classification pending.

Object: Some video that is supposed to drive nostalgia. “Vines that Bring Me Back to the Good Ol’ Days”.

“So… what does this thing do again?” Researcher Whyte stared at the screen of the paused vine compilation, an eyebrow raised critically. He could practically feel it staring back at him, along with the annoying blinking cursor on his notes page. As he looked from the screen to Dr. Waters as he began to talk, he couldn't help but feel as if he'd lost a staring contest.

”It provokes nostalgia from the viewer using the internet.” Dr. Waters explained nonchalantly. Funny, he made it sound normal. Where was the catch?

“How? That’s an interesting set up.”

“It has manifested its effects in a few different ways according to Dr. Marigold. We found through the initial recovery, it changed the interface of all of the user’s apps back to their 2013 counterparts.” Dr. Waters walked to the door, placing his hand on the doorknob and talking over his shoulder.

“Alright." Whyte shrugged. " Guess I’ll see this thing in action.”

Dr. Waters nodded affirmatively. “I suppose you will. Be sure to take notes! We need all the detail we can get.” He reminded as he twisted the doorknob. Dr. Waters left, closing the door behind him on just slightly squeaky hinges. That was bound to get annoying soon.

Researcher Whyte took a deep breath, sitting up straight in his desk chair. He hoped that web-interface thing wasn’t what happened to him, it sounded ridiculously inconvenient. Researcher Whyte never found old app layouts as a fond memory. Just a part of the app, and quite often one he didn't care for. He un-paused the video, bracing himself to get through twenty minutes of the damn thing. Maybe he should have picked up some coffee beforehand…

Ten minutes pass, and Researcher Whyte yawned, rubbing at his eyes. He wasn't really connecting with the videos at all. Sure, a couple of them had earned a chuckle, but not for any nostalgia based reason. According to the comments the video clips were “classic” and “hilarious”, but he just didn’t get it. Researcher Whyte knew he wasn’t that old, only 29. He was in this weird place where he was only about five years too old to get or care about these videos. Researcher Whyte stretched his arms and legs with a slight groan as his joints protested the sudden change from sitting still. He rolled his chair back away from the desk to watch the video from afar, the distance making it slightly more bearable.

Time passed, and the video was over. Finally. Researcher Whyte rolled himself back to his desk, then back a little bit as he noticed he rolled in too far. He propped his fingers on the keyboard, ready to write the remaining notes needed. Maybe the nostalgia would kick in later? He was about to start typing, but his computer seemed to have other plans for his time, as a YouTube search result page was suddenly pulled forward. Researcher Whyte shrugged. So, some YouTube search results, that was what the compilation decided would work for him. He skimmed his eyes over the page, smiling slightly as he realised just what had been searched. “Gargoyles episodes”. Everyday after school for years he’d plop himself on that old beige couch and watch an episode, or maybe two if he could get away with it, before starting his homework. Researcher Whyte chuckled, thinking back to the old show, his favourite episodes, his favourite characters. His sister had always teased him for “having a crush” on Angela. He’d always insist, “I just think she’s cool!”. Looking back, maybe he did… Damn, he might actually have to admit it to his sister, next time he had the chance. He'd put money on the couch still being the same back home, too. And…

Reality phased in again before his train of thought could go on. Research Whyte laughed, shaking his head.

“You sly bastard.” He said with a smile as he clicked back onto his notes page, beginning to type.

Item #: Not applicable, classification pending.

Object: A video titled “Vines that Bring Me Back to the Good Ol’ Days”. Brings forward something that evokes a sense of nostalgia from each viewer via internet after viewing.

Test Log
Subject: Researcher Whyte

Result: Video was observed. YouTube search page for “Gargoyles" show appeared onscreen after the duration of the video.

Researcher Whyte grinned, pulling the video tab forward. He clicked on the username, and went to the “About” section. He'd take the detail in this report up a notch.

From: LeslieGreen@█████.com

To: katieinskates@█████.com

Question about vine compilation

Hey there, I viewed your good ol days vine compilation, and had a question. I see it made YouTube pull the Gargoyles search results forward right after I viewed it. Are these related? And if so, how and why did you do it? Thanks.

And… send. All he had to do was wait.

Researcher Whyte was organizing files two days later when the email icon on his computer gained that familiar little red dot. He sat down at his desk quickly and clicked on it, opening the email with anticipation.

“What are you so happy about?” Dr. Waters asked calmly, wandering over to the desk with a folder in his hands.

“You know that anomalous video you had me watch, and how it went better than I thought?"

Dr. Waters leaned over Whyte's shoulder with a quizzical look. Whyte turned to look at him with a grin, putting their faces too close to be comfortable, causing Waters to straighten back up.

"I emailed the creator with some questions." Whyte continued, undeterred. "She responded.”

“That’ll be useful for your report. Be sure to put it in” Dr. Waters noted, turning and walking away to put away the file he was holding.

“It will be. I'm putting it in for sure."

From: katieinskates@█████.com

To: LeslieGreen@█████.com


Hi there, Leslie! I’m glad you enjoyed my video, haha. So, those two events were likely related. This thing presents an image or thing to each viewer to evoke nostalgia as soon as it’s over. As to why I did it, you know, things are so complicated nowadays. People work hard, things are competitive, shit like that. I thought I’d give people a break, something to remind them of a happy time. I hope that makes sense, lol. Thanks for reaching out to me. :)

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