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The following file is Level 4/XXXX Secret
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: XXXX
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Image of SCP-XXXX

Site Director Logistical Head Research Head Diplomatic Head
H. Andrew Darren Fredrick Morse Dr. Diana Krane Dr. Samantha Burr

Special Containment Procedures: The forest surrounding SCP-XXXX is to be deemed a protected wildlife sanctuary. All containment personnel are to pose as rangers and are to divert anyone who attempts to enter the forest. Containment personnel are prohibited from entering the forest. However, permission will be granted when diplomatic personnel require an escort to and from SCP-XXXX.


Satillite image of Diplomatic Site

The town of Malmantile is to be designated a diplomatic site to facilitate diplomatic relations and research of SCP-XXXX. Diplomatic relations have been established and according to the Treaty of Fidelis Roma a group of 3 members is allowed to research SCP-XXXX. Diplomatic personnel are to report biweekly to the diplomatic site.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a city named Fidelis Roma. SCP-XXXX has existed for thousands of years and has managed to maintain its isolation and secrecy for the entirety of its existence. SCP-XXXX was founded in the fourth century AD. SCP-XXXX has many temples to Roman gods, but there is no influence from any Abrahamic faith. Approximately forty percent of SCP-XXXX became buried underneath the corpse of an anomalous organism similar to Canis lupus italicus designated SCP-XXXX-1.

SCP-XXXX-1 is approximately 5 km long. SCP-XXXX-1 appears to be neutralized; however, it still exhibits its anomalous property. The anomalous property makes everything inside of its field impossible to perceive from outside the radius. The field’s radius is estimated at seven kilometers from the center of SCP-XXXX. The only way to enter SCP-XXXX is to sacrifice an animal in the name of a Roman god. The sacrifice will have to be accomplished every month to allow continued access.


The approximate location of SCP-XXXX

The inhabitants of SCP-XXXX are all descendants of ancient Roman refugees who fled the empire between the fourth and fifth century AD. All the inhabitants of SCP-XXXX believe and worship the gods of Rome, particularly SCP-XXXX-01, whom they call Mother of Rome. They participate in festivals, and rituals regularly. They rarely leave SCP-XXXX due to distrust of the world outside SCP-XXXX. The government and religious hierarchy are very similar to their historic roots, though the populace has more modern political opinions.

As of the writing of this document, the only known facts of SCP-XXXX-1's death are that it occurred around the start of the 5th century and that it resulted in the deaths of an estimated 70% of SCP-XXXX's population. There is no documentation of the history of SCP-XXXX before this event. The only information we have of this history is oral history recounted by the inhabitants of SCP-XXXX. After this event, the few survivors were able to rebuild and grow as a society.

Addendum.XXXX.1: The following documents were recovered during a raid of a local chapter of the Broken God Writ that led to the discovery of SCP-XXXX. The documents have been translated from the original Latin.

Study of SCP-XXXX

Dr. Clara Horne

Research Overview: The inhabitants of SCP-XXXX have been isolated for thousands of years. There culture is untouched by any outside influences. We are very lucky to be able to learn more about these people. Research will be difficult due to their secrecy and distrust of outsiders: however a diplomatic agreement has been met to send 3 personnel into SCP-XXXX in order to facilitate research and diplomacy. I was the first to arrive so I have already begun my research on SCP-XXXX. I will have to wait for the others to start my research properly: however I did approach SCP-XXXX-1. It's dead but in two thousand years, it has shown no signs of decay. SCP-XXXX-1 has to be at least 5 kilometers long. The people also worship SCP-XXXX as if it were a god. The first questions that come to mind is what this god is, and how it died. Even though I do not have any special privliges due to the lack of progress on the minuta of the treaty, I was able to cunduct an interview with one of the Priests.

The god Fragilis was once worshiped by the people of Rome during its early days of existence. It is well documented that the Roman empire did invade The City-State of Amoni which was founded by the survivors of the Mekhanite state after its collapse. It can be reasoned that the origin of the god Fragilis was these refugees who managed to integrate into Roman society. Those who worshiped Fragilis must have been removed from the empire early on due to the lack of documentation on the matter. It has also been learned that whatever happened the day SCP-XXXX-1 died also resulted in the deaths of the majority of the population of SCP-XXXX. If the priests words are to be believed, then it can be confirmed that SCP-XXXX-1 is either a god, or an extremely powerful entity.


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