Vivarium I ( First)



The ally located behind V-House.

You arrive at the back door of the club known as "House of V" with a gun hidden underneath your coat, and a satchel containing all the money you have. The two grunts standing guard eye you up and down.

"You here to talk to the boss?" You nod your head, and they let you in. You pass by rooms filled with people hooked up to servers with screens above each of their heads. The monitors show a virtual night club filled with people dancing. Paintings framed extravagantly are hung wherever your eyes meet the wall. All of them portray one man. Tsuyaki Momo. You pass by an open door where you can see guards sorting and packaging white powder into bags. All of them have been augmented to some capacity with cybernetics. Their eyes follow you as you pass by. Eventually you find yourself in front of an open door frame. You see a room filled with ornate furniture, and exotic trinkets. Tsuyaki Momo looks up from his desk at the end of the room. His eyes meet yours, and he points at you. The guards on either side of him begin to walk towards you.

"Do you have the money?" He says to you.

"Yes" you say as you move through the room.

''Hand it to my men." You hand the satchel to one of the guards as they move past you, and stand in front of the only exit. Tsuyaki smiles when you arrive at his desk..

"Thank you." Tsuyaki leans back in his chair. He lights a cigarette.

"So tell me, how did you get this money?" Tsuyaki blows smoke into your face as he talks.

"It is every cent that I have." you say.

"Really? Not many people who come to me have 10,000,000 yen. It is even stranger that a foreigner would." Tsuyaki leans forward.

"So tell me. Did you steal this money?"

"No, I don't like having a target on my back." Tsuyaki begins to laugh.

"I guess that's why you want me to smuggle you off the island." You remain silent as you wait for your reward.

"There are a lot of reasons someone would want me to this do this for them. To hide from the loan sharks. To start over with a new leaf. Tell me, why do you want to run away." Tsuyaki's eyes burn through you with their gaze.

"There are things I want to put behind me." Tsuyaki takes a long drag on his cigarette.

"How vague of you. I think you are running from one of the big fish. So tell me, is it the Foundation? The UIU?" Tsuyaki stands from his chair, and is soon standing right in front of you.

"Or are you running from the GOC?"

"I'm not running from anything. Like I said, I just want to start over." Tsuyaki's eyes dart behind you for a brief moment.

"I'm surprised, I thought you would be a better liar." You suddenly feel two sets of hands on your shoulders as you are forced to the ground.

"The fuck Tsuyaki, I gave you what you wanted!" You struggle against the two men restraining you, but can't break free. Tsuyaki takes another long drag on his cigarette. He pulls a gun out, and presses against your head.

"I want your blood on my carpet." He pulls the trigger.

Try again?

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