Vivarium III

"Of course, I'm a man of my word. now hand the satchel to one of my boys, and I'll give it to you" Alexander lights a cigarette. The two guards are almost at the door frame.

"If you say so." You lift the satchel in your left hand, and bring it down on the left guards head. You simultaneously remove your gun, and shoot the right in the head. Viscera covers the wall. Alexander draws his gun, but before he can fire, you aim your shot, and fire a bullet into his arm. You grab the dazed guard, and use him as a shield. When the three guards rush around the corner, you begin to open fire. one goes down, as the others duck behind cover, and return fire. When the body you are holding dies you let go, find cover, and reload your gun. You finish putting the bullets in your gun just in time to fire a shot into the neck of the guard running through the door frame. The third guard moves quickly, and lands a punch into the center of your face. The gun falls from your hand. You feel tears in your eyes due to your newly broken nose. The guard attempts to aim his gun, but you are able to knock it out of his hands, and land a haymaker to the side of his head. You clench both hands onto his neck and begin crushing his wind pipe. The guard makes futile attempts to pummel you, but his body soon goes limp just like the others. The room is quiet. You pick up your gun, and walk over to Alexander holding his wounded arm.

"I read your file… They will get you eventually… The GOC doesn't leave loose ends." He says as you hold the gun to his head. You pull the trigger

He's right.

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