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Biographical Information

Roach enlisted in the French Army in 1999 and became a Sergent in 2002. In 2004, he was assigned to the 2nd Foreign Regiment as a combat section chief and participated in Operation Baliste. An account from a fellow soldier who witnessed his actions during Operation Baliste is transcribed below. Roach was recruited to PHYSICS Division following his commendable actions during the operation.

Career Service Vitae

Roach served as team leader of Strike Team Absolute, and conducted over 50 successful missions with no casualties up until 2009. During Operation Citadel, Strike Team "Absolute" suffered major casualties. The only survivors of the operation was Roach and fellow strike team members Echo and Blanket. After review of the video logs provided by the strike teams body cameras, Roach was shown to disobey the GOC's prime goals, and is suspected of possessing anomalous properties. See the Operation Citadel Report for more information.

Operation Citadel Report

Strike Team "Absolute" was sent into the city of Akhiabara, Japan in order to find and eliminate a Type Black individual causing a mass reality fluctuation event. The following is the Operational Log of the event.

V-House Incident:

A tip was given to the GOC that Roach had requested work from the owner of the V-House. When a strike was sent to the location, they discovered the entire staff of the club had been murdered. The crime is suspected to have been committed by Roach, though the strike team was unable to locate the fugitive. At this time Roach is still at large.

+ V-House Incident

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