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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: At this time, the capture and re-containment of SCP-XXX is the primary concern of the Foundation. To this end, all Foundation field agents are to be issued portable, low-level Scranton Reality Anchors to prevent SCP-XXX from dematerializing in the event that it appears in their vicinity.

Should SCP-XXX emerge within a Foundation facility, any and all nearby Scranton Reality Anchors are to be activated. SCP-XXX is to be subdued, captured and placed in a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell fitted with a Scranton Reality Anchor to prevent its dematerialization.

Description: SCP-XXX is a simian creature resembling a large ape, hairless save for the top of its head. The entity always materializes wearing clothing similar to that of late 20th-century humans.

SCP-XXX shows extreme hostility to all entities near it upon materialization, but seems to act in fear. The entity has the ability to speak, and possesses a limited knowledge of English.

SCP-XXX seems to be capable of a form of teleportation, but appears to only be able to move within a specific range after materialization1. The entity usually manifests sitting on an antique folding chair, and instantaneously dematerializes when it hits anyone in its vicinity once with this chair.

Addendum XXX-1: Log of Notable Sightings

Date: Cycle 27, ████
Victim: Unknown
Location: █████, India
Summary: Security camera footage taken on the night of Cycle 27 shows an unidentified person walking down the street. SCP-XXX can be seen manifesting in front of them, screaming, and striking them with its chair before dematerializing. The person is apparently unbothered, and no visible injuries are apparent.

Date: Cycle 46, ████
Victim: Chaoxiang ███
Location: ████, Shenzen, Taiwan
Summary: Footage taken within a factory in Shenzen shows SCP-XXX appearing near an assembly line. SCP-XXX shows signs of distress, holding out its chair in what appears to be a defensive position - upon being approached by ███, SCP-XXX yells unintelligibly and strikes them with the chair before dematerializing. ███'s upper carapace is cracked, and they fall unconscious. A medical drone is dispatched 30 seconds later to treat the injury.

Date: Cycle —2, ████
Victim: Abdukrahman Asfour, Babylonian politician
Location: ██, Babylonian Caliphate
Summary: SCP-XXX manifested on a table within a conference room in ██ during a meeting of the Babylonian Caliphate's ministry of climate control. Upon looking around the room, SCP-XXX screamed, closed its eyes, and threw its chair, which Asfour caught in their mouth. SCP-XXX subsequently dematerialized; the chair has not been recovered, and is believed to have been eaten.

Date: Cycle 30, ████
Victim: Horace Ax CXXVII, a primary-school student
Location: ████, Third North American Commune
Summary: Security footage captured SCP-XXX manifesting within a classroom during a world history lesson. The children in the room crowded around SCP-XXX, causing the entity great distress. SCP-XXX subsequently stood up and used the chair to push several children, including Ax, away from it, dematerializing immediately afterwards. Ax sustained severe injuries to their left eyestalk and upper carapace.

Addendum XXX-2: Recovery of Artifact Related to SCP-XXX

On Cycle 86 of ████, a chair visually identical to the one used by SCP-XXX manifested within a public square in ████, Yugoslavia. A small, locked box was found on top of the chair. Both the chair and the box were recovered by the Foundation, and all witnesses to the incident have been amnesticised.

Upon opening the box, Foundation personnel found a large bundle of greenish slips of paper2 as well as the following note:

To whomever this may concern,

Thanks a lot for being so co-operative in our first round of filming! I'm sure it was a blast working with Devin (our finest method actor), and we got a ton of great shots! We did have to do several takes before we got a shot that really spoke to us - the cash is for all of those, and it should probably cover all future takes and filming.

Anyways, thanks for your hard work! Crab People from the 5th Dimension is gonna be a big hit!!

Just pretend this is a signature, I haven't got time to dig out my fountain pen just for this bullshit

Dick DeLong, Triple T Films

Following this incident, SCP-XXX has not reemerged. Re-classification to Neutralized has been proposed.

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