Walking in the Footsteps of History
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber with Class 2 priveledges.1 Medical evalutations must be undertaken at least once a week, failure to comply will result in the abolishment of priviledges.

SCP-0000-1 is to be stored in a sealed case in a High Value safety deposit box. As standard practice for unknown Sarkicism related anomalies, tests are to be conducted only in hermetically sealed chambers. Researchers and securty guards must wear hazmats suits when interacting with it.

Description: SCP-0000 is Anastasia Falin, a 24 year old Russian-American Orin2 within GoI-0490 (Adytum's Wake). Previous to containment, SCP-0000 worked as a maid in the New England mansion of GoI-0490 leader Vivian Durant-Croÿ.

On 20/02/2019, SCP-0000 killed Durant-Croy, her husband, and 26 relatives, cult members, and other servants while serving a dinner party at the estate, despite possessing little to no sarkic fleshwarping abilities, resources, or hatred towards Durant-Croy.

SCP-0000-1 is a knife 46 centimetres in length. While the blade is made of bone, the handle appears to be made of solidifed flesh. Both parts appear to have come from a single donor, a woman approximately 24 years of age. Tests have shown no biological similarities with SCP-0000.

Addendum 0000.1: Durant-Croÿ and Falin Profile

Following the events at Bodfell Manor in 1952, Adytum's Wake as an organization was thought to have disbanded. However, starting in 1967, the CEO of Durant Bodfel Financial Group was spotted appearing at several Neo-Sarkite gatherings throughout North America, apparently recruiting families back into the fold. By 1980, Adytum's Wake was reborn.

What goals Durant Croy has, are unknown. The organization has steadily been growing in size and influence, extending their reach into the arms industry as well as donating large amounts of money to several key political races in the United States and Canada (see 0490 Political Dossier for additional details).

Vivian's husband, Alexander Croÿ (CEO of Abraxas Arms, a HUngarian arms company) appears to not be actively involved with the cult's leadership. However, Croy has been noted to take multiple trips to rural areas of Hungary and Romania a year, where Solomanari villages are known to exist.

Falin: AFalin first came to the attention of the Foundation in 2012, through a work visa application to the Citizenship and Immigration Services Office that was sponsored by Croy. The application notes her residence as a village in an area of Southwestern Hungary with known Solomonari descent. As her aunt was the village's Võlutaar, the sponsorship was believed to be some attempt at diplomacy with the village and surrounding Solomanari groups.

Falin was granted several tutors,and began pursuing a degree into Archaeology. An examination of recovered text messages and documents suggest that Falin had a highly positive relationship with the Croy family.

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0800: //[Falin exits her room, heading downstairs to begin fixing breakfast.]

0830: Durant-Croy and Croy exit their room and head downstairs to eat.

0915-0930: After breakfast, Falin begins washing up. Durant-Croy and Croy retire to the living room, turning on the news. Croy appears to be frequently checking his watch

0930: Durant-Croy gathers her purse and departs, presumably heading to work.

0945: An armored truck is seen pulling up to the estate gates. A group of heavily armed men exit the vehicle, escorting a man in a suit carrying a locked briefcase. The group enters the estate.

0950: At the doors, Croy welcomes the man in the suit inside, apparently in a state of jubilation. Croy takes the suitcase and passes him another, before shaking his hand and escorting him out the door.

Croy takes the package up to his study, which is a blind spot within the house. However, a camera within the hallway captures him opening the suitcase and holding a package wrapped in layers of decaying cloth marked with sarkic symbols. Croy makes a phone call3 that lasts for approximately twenty minutes before hanging up and exiting the room, locking the door behind him.

The rest of the morning and afternoon passes without incident.

1700-1730: Cars begin arriving at the estate. While some guests are known cult members of Adytum's Wake, others are prominent CEOs, state legislators, and local celebrities not known to by the Foundation to be affiliated with Neo-Sarkicism. ████ █████, the former Governor of Massachusets, is seen greeting Durant-Croy warmly.

1735: Falin and the other servants collect the coats of the guests

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