Westrin's Proposal: Creating Something From Nothing
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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-001 is kept in a secure anomaly locker within Site-551. Testing with SCP-001 is currently postponed due to lack of research potential. Preparations are currently being made to move SCP-001 into the Log of Anomalous Items.

Description: SCP-001 is a yellow colored graphite pencil. Its eraser shows sign of slight wear, and several chips are seen on its side. SCP-001 is smaller than most standard pencils due to excessive use in the past.

SCP-001's anomalous property is that it constantly levitates off the ground and will stay at a level of 0.9 meters above the surface. SCP-001 can be manipulated as if it were a normal pencil. However, once an individual releases SCP-001, it will continue to levitate.

SCP-001 constantly points towards 54.5028° N, 3.1486° W, which is the town of Borrowdale, England. If SCP-001 is manipulated to face any other direction, it will slowly face Borrowdale after approximately 2 hours. SCP-001 is capable of pointing upwards or downwards if needed.

SCP-001 was discovered within Thomas Robinson High School within Tampa, Florida after floating out of a child's backpack. Implanted Agent Thompson retrieved the item, and administered amnestics to witnesses.


I'm copying and pasting the response to several tickets I had to answer over the past few years regarding SCP-001 to the actual file itself, so that people will finally stop talking about it:

Everyone asks me about SCP-001. Including you.

SCP-001, as you've probably read, is a pencil that floats off the ground. You can move it around, but after you let go, it'll go back into floating off the ground. It also always points towards Borrowdale, England, which is where pencils were invented.

Because of this, I've gotten a few messages like yours regarding its number. Something along the lines of "Is this it?", "Where is the rest of the info?", "Why is this SCP-001?", "Is this the first SCP that was ever discovered?", and many others. So I'll answer those questions one at a time.

1: Yes. This is it. What you're looking at is what you get. No greater, no less.

2: You're looking at it. There is no dark, hidden secret data on this database file. The most complex thing you'll find here is the image provided of SCP-001. Hell, we couldn't even find enough information about Borrowdale to bother putting it on the page.

3: Because it was chosen at random for the new anomaly that we just discovered. O5 Command didn't choose it, we didn't choose it, a computer rolled some dice and it picked SCP-001, which at the time was a slot that was not taken.

4: No. According to the database, this is the 4786th SCP file that has been added to the database since the creation of the Foundation.

If you truly believe that we are still hiding something, please, check the source for the page. It's open to people of all clearance, even the janitors. Nothing else is there. No fancy, hidden code. Nothing. You see the same thing the administrator sees.

Now, I shouldn't be answering this question in the first place. I expect the Foundation to know that there isn't bias when it comes to these things. SCP-001 shouldn't be seen as the "grandiose" number to everyone. Hell, that raises the question: why do you expect something "grand" from the database? Is it because you are reading these entries like stories, and not actual objects and events that are causing untold suffering?

Anyway, we shouldn't be judging SCPs just by how "fun" they are. We're not here to be entertained by the darkness, we're here to screw in the light bulb and go on with our day. We do not have bias, the world isn't as wacky as you think it is, and the SCP database isn't your personal reading archive for all of your literature needs. People have died countless times and you have the audacity to say that SCP-001 just "isn't enough?"

If you expect SCP-001 to be a Guardian to the Gates of Eden, the Sun, or even us, you're betting too much on this universe catering to you. We aren't the museum curators. We are the janitors. Do not forget it.

Now, get back to work. Preferably on something more important.

Secure. Contain. Protect.

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