Website That Does Not Exist
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Item #: SCP-4886

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web analysis bot Delta-44 ("NON-EXISTENT ERASURE") is to continuously monitor the internet for links and references to SCP-4886 and SCP-4886-A instances. Foundation agents embedded within major ISPs are to remove mentions upon discovery. Disinformation campaigns regarding the anomalous sites are to be launched, if appropriate.


SCP-4886 homepage.

Description: SCP-4886 is an anomalous website accessible from the domain name "". When loaded, the page will display an error message, along with two links under the following titles: "In the Google Cache” and "In the Internet Archive". To date, the appearance of SCP-4886 has remained consistent across all browsers and devices used to access it. SCP-4886 will only modify the tab in which it has been opened to.

Clicking on either link will redirect the user to a unique instance of SCP-4886-A, which is a website designed to benefit the user in an immediate way. Instances have been recorded manifesting as variety of different formats (e.g. blog site, online gaming website, video streaming website, online store). Following the creation of an SCP-4886-A, the website is permanently accessible through the generated URL.1 Instances of SCP-4886-A have exhibited a range of anomalous properties.

Addendum 1: SCP-4886-A Instances

The following is an abridged list of the recorded SCP-4886-A instances. For a complete record, see the SCP-4886-A Instance Log.

Instance Number Instance Title Instance Description Anomalous Properties
SCP-4886-A-1 www.graymarko.███ An online store which claims to sell cat toys for low prices. Ordering from SCP-4886-A results in the manifestation of the item of choice. SCP-4886-A-1 limits purchases to 5 items per week per user.
SCP-4886-A-4 www.drinkwaterdumbass.███ A white background with a PNG image of a water bottle with the text "Go take care of yourself. Drink Water. Get Some Sleep. Stay alive you funky little gremlin." above it. A bottle of water will appear next to the user at their preferred temperature.
SCP-4886-A-10 www.dailydoseofdonk.███ A collage of images of donkeys (Equus asinus). The first visit to SCP-4886-10 resulted in the manifestation of a Equus asinus plush toy to the user's location.
SCP-4886-A-12 www.justnamethewebsitewhateveryouwant.███ A blank page. The user will receive a pen varying in model and color each time SCP-4886-12 is visited.

Addendum 2: POI-1980 Chat Log

On 10/06/19, a chatroom was discovered by selecting the "History" button above the address bar in the browser. If the chatroom is accessed, a user by the alias "katieinskates" (designated POI-1980) will greet the user, ask them what name they would like to use and then set the user's nickname accordingly.

The following is the transcript of the discussion between POI-1980 and Dr. Dollie Dickson, who went under the alias "princessbow":

12:06 → h90s21 joined

12:07 AM katieinskates: Hello! What do ya want your name to be, friend? :)

12:08 AM h90s21: Hello!! Could I request princessbow??

12:08 AM katieinskates: Sure thing :)

12:08 AM h90s21 → princessbow

12:09 AM katieinskates: Tada

12:09 AM katieinskates: : )

12:10 AM princessbow: I came from realreadyrecipes.███. which site did you come from? hehe

12:12 AM katieinskates: Oh I don't need one! I made this site to help others. =)

12:14 AM princessbow: Oh that's cool! How did you make it? I'm trying to learn to code html and it's so hard! You must be so good at this!

12:17 AM katieinskates: Well, I learned a lot in class, but every magician has a special trick! ;)

12:18 AM princessbow: Well, I won't pry. Thanks for the recipes ^.^ My kids should enjoy them

12:20 AM katieinskates: No problem, I programmed it just for you :) now I gotta get to bed I have school tomorrow lol

12:20 AM katieinskates Thanks for stopping by my dude UwU

12:22 AM princessbow: No, thank you

12:22 AM princessbow: Goodnight!

12:23 AM katieinskates: Night =)

12:23 AM katieinskates → katieinbed

The following is the transcript of the discussion initiated by Dr. Marvin Waters on 10/12/19 as an attempt to learn more about POI-1980; Dr. Waters went by the alias "River":

8:09 AM → ghysu97 joined

8:10 AM katieinskates: Hi! What do you want your name to be, friend?

8:11 AM ghysu97: I cant set it

8:11 AM ghysu97: ?

8:12 AM katieinskates: I didn't program the chat like that haha

8:12 AM ghysu97: why

8:12 AM katieinskates: because I like to do it to ensure things don't get out of hand

8:12 AM katieinskates: You know how crazy chatrooms can get haha

8:12 AM katieinskates: so what do you want your name to be?

8:13 AM ghysu97: River

8:13 AM ghysu97 → River

8:13 AM katieinskates: All set = )

8:14 AM River: my friends liked the fortune cookies I got from the website I visited

8:16 AM katieinskates: awesome! I'm glad! I made that site too! UwU

8:18 AM River: how

8:19 AM katieinskates: a magician never reveals her secrets ;)

8:20 AM River: haha

8:20 AM River: but seriously how

8:22 AM katieinskates: It's a mystery

8:23 AM River:

8:26 AM katieinskates: no really I don't know I just made the website with the intent in mind, and low and behold when my dog stepped on my keyboard and clicked one of the links it worked like a charm UwU

8:26 AM River: did u actually make it or did the real programmer just make u a mod?

8:26 AM katieinskates: :( yes I did

8:27 AM katieinskates: how else would i know on google+, your name is listed as "Marvin" and ur Pinterest is full of inspirational quotes

8:27 AM River: okay?? kinda creepy…

8:27 AM katieinskates: that's why you got quotes and cookies

8:28 AM River: ah okay… but y cookies?

8:28 AM katieinskates: because i read your cookies

8:28 AM River:

8:29 AM River: so u did make it

8:29 AM River: that's pretty epic lol

8:30 AM katieinskates: ye

8:32 AM River: gotta go to class bye

8:32 AM katieinskates: bye

The following is the transcript of the discussion initiated by Dr. Juniper Marigold on 10/18/19 as an attempt to learn more about POI-1980; Dr. Marigold went by the alias "crabgirl1800":

3:45 PM → sh7982f joined

3:46 PM katieinskates: Hello there, friend! What would you like your name to be?

3:46 PM sh7982f: crabgirl1800

3:46 PM sh7982f: I like crabs

3:47 PM katieinskates: okay! >uO

3:47 PM sh7982f → crabgirl1800

3:47 PM katieinskates: :)

3:49 PM crabgirl1800: yay

3:49 PM crabgirl1800: so

3:49 PM crabgirl1800: I like crabs

3:49 PM crabgirl1800: I just visited a crab theme website

3:50 PM crabgirl1800: I came from a deal link site but then clicked on a link and got crabs

3:50 PM crabgirl1800: did u do that too

3:51 PM katieinskates: oh you mean! I didn't come from there, no

3:51 PM katieinskates: I made that site to help people :) like you, you like crabs so you got crabs

**4:00 PM crabgirl1800: that's so cool! do u make other stuff?

4:00 PM katieinskates: what do you mean? like other websites??

4:01 PM crabgirl1800: yes

4:01 PM katieinskates: ah, then yes I do =)

4:02 PM katieinskates: not just websites tho! I've made a few web extensions too!

4:02 PM crabgirl1800: are they like this chat?

4:02 PM crabgirl1800: lol i mean website too

4:03 PM katieinskates: well, all my stuff is made to help people in a personal way so yeah sorta

4:04 PM crabgirl1800: do you help people do bad things

4:04 PM crabgirl1800: like hackers

4:04 PM crabgirl1800: and scammers

4:06 PM katieinskates: no!! I only help good people who deserve it. and I can tell who's good and who's bad through their web history

4:06 PM katieinskates: if people wanna harm others in any way then my stuff doesn't work for them >:|

4:07 PM crabgirl1800: oh

4:07 PM crabgirl1800: cool

4:09 PM crabgirl1800: isn't helping bad people still helping people

4:09 PM crabgirl1800: if that's ur mission

4:09 PM katieinskates shakes her head.

4:10 PM katieinskates: bad people don't care that you helped them

4:10 PM katieinskates: they won't keep you in mind later when you're in the vicinity of their target area

4:10 PM katieinskates: its just

4:12 PM katieinskates: "thanks Lydia for the decoder"

4:12 PM katieinskates: and you don't even know why you had the ability to create it in the first place

4:13 PM katieinskates: ah sorry i'm rambling. guess that doesn't make sense

4:15 PM katieinskates: wanna see a picture of my dog

4:17 PM crabgirl1800: sure

4:21 PM katieinskates: ███://website-that-does-not-exist-chatroom/Archie.JPG



4:24 PM katieinskates: :]

4:25 PM crabgirl1800: cute

4:25 PM crabgirl1800: bye

4:26 PM katieinskates: bye

Further interviews with POI-1980 have been authorized, but as of 10/18/19, no attempts at contact have been made.

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