Weryllium Presents: Clever Girls Hub

Dr. Ian Malcom: God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.
Dr. Ellie Sattler: Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.
- Jurassic Park (1993)
Agent Ursula Nunez: Woman shoots dinosaur. Gets promotion from Foundation.
Agent Stella Delacruz: Shut up, Ursula.

The world moves forward, but some things never change. The reptiles that ruled the earth endless ages ago still pop up from time to time. The Foundation is a bit more well-equipped than old Hammond and his Park when it comes to security, though.

The Foundation recognizes that there can never be a one-size-fits-all Mobile Task Force. When anomalies of every kind appear all over the globe, specialization is the name of the game.

Enter Mobile Task Force Phi-2, "Clever Girls". A team of specialized hunters trained in the tracking, study, capture, and, if need be, neutralization of prehistoric reptilians.

When "shooting dinosaurs" is literally printed on your job description, adventure never stops.

~~game plan, as of now~~

Alright. I'll make a new tab for each of these.

Open the Door: centered on the interview in 'U'. We start with Stella getting the notification and telling the other Phi-2 members. Then we have Stella waiting until she finally goes in. Then the interview, which I'm gonna add to. This'll hopefully characterize Stella and Ursula and give me a kind of jumping off point. Maybe I can save this one for later.

Get on the Floor: so Phi-2 is on a mission to take out the escaped SCP-3057-4 instances. here we get Angie and Ursula separated from the other two. More action packed, with some looks into Angie's personality and team role, as well as her interactions with Ursula. frozen solid

Everybody Walk: sort of a prelude to Dinoworld; this is where they receive the mission, some charactery stuff happens, they fly to the site, meet the researcher and the specialist, and prepare to enter. in the fridge

The Dinosaur: dinoworld saga in X parts still frozen, idk

Part 0: The Land Before Time

The SCP file itself.

Part 1: Hello Sunshine

Clever Girls entry into SCP-3940. Day hiking, night watch, fight the anklyosaur/scorpion thing, get captured by Palsinnor.

Part 2: Take Me Away

Dinoworld prequel from the dino's POV, backstory for Armalore and Palsinnor. History and worldbuilding, plus Kelmura establishment.

Part 3: Our Worlds Collide

Ursula realizes the portal is gone, and searches the Lab of Future Past. She encounters Ulterra…

Part 4: She Walked Away

Ursula hears the other side of the story, and becomes a chess piece.

Part 5: One More Round

Part 6: Hope Will Lead Us On

The denouement. Return to Earth.

Part 7?: Harder Than The First Time

"You have two choices. Good old Sentient Containment, or covert continuation of MTF Phi-2."

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