Weryllium SCP #14???
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Item #: SCP-3597

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3597 and its debris are contained within an insulated lockbox.

Description: SCP-3597 is a quartz ring.

When a human subject wears SCP-3597, they will demanifest, leaving SCP-3597 behind. The subject is replaced by an amount of rock and ice debris equal in mass to the subject. This debris remains at a constant temperature of -203 °C.

On 07/01/2014, a man manifested near SCP-3597's lockbox, claiming to be Joaquin Marquez, an orchestra violinist reported missing 38 years prior. DNA analysis confirmed his identity. An equal mass of SCP-3597 debris was found to have vanished.

Marquez stated that SCP-3597 had "transported him." Any further attempts Marquez made to describe his experience or the location resulted in distorted vocalizations consisting of phonemes not present in any known language. He offered to attempt an artistic depiction.

Following analysis, Marquez was amnesticized and released.

D-91665 was equipped with a STALKER tracking device and instructed to wear SCP-3597. Following demanifestation, D-91665's signal was located 25 light years away. Neither D-91665 nor any other subjects have re-manifested.

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