Weryllium SCP #27

Item #: SCP-4950

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The section of beach containing the entrance to SCP-4950 has been purchased by a Foundation front and marked as private property. Stationed personnel are to turn away any trespassers.

Description: SCP-4950 is a pathway running along the ocean floor. SCP-4950 can only be accessed by a subject entering the ocean within a 6m wide stretch of beach in , between sunset and sunrise.

Underwater, SCP-4950 consists of a 1.5m wide path composed entirely of white granulated rock. While walking along SCP-4950, subjects are able to survive indefinitely without breathing or eating,

Subjects walking more than 14m along SCP-4950 will disappear from view entirely. Communications can still be received from them, but GPS systems will give inconsistent results, usually locations in deep sea trenches.

Excavation of the beach up to a depth of 250m has failed to reveal any abnormalities.

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