Weryllium SCP #1

Item #: SCP-3912

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The caverns containing SCP-3912 are to be disguised as private property. Any civilians attempting to enter the caves are to be turned away. Site-729 has been constructed within the caverns to study the anomaly.

All SCP-3912-Omega instances are to be contained in separate Class-III Anomalous Reptile Pens. Detailed information on their diets and other stuff can be found in Documents 3912-B through -F.

Description: SCP-3912 is a large underground formation composed of an unidentified crystalline material, with an estimated radius of 1400 m. It has a high hardness, making sample retrieval difficult. Additionally, any samples removed from SCP-3912 disintegrate into a mass of luminescent fibers and subsequently dissipate completely within 14 seconds.

Attempts at analyzing the bulk of SCP-3912 through the use of X-ray crystallography, SCP-████, and other methods yield inconsistent results, save for the consistent identification of iridium in the crystal lattice.

Once a day, at 5:23 AM local time, SCP-3912 shifts its structure and becomes nearly transparent for 14 minutes. Through SCP-3912, a single location (designated SCP-3912-Alpha) is visible.

The portion of SCP-3912-Alpha visible through SCP-3912 appears as a flat, grassy plain surrounded by large mountains. A circular ring of twenty-seven inscribed stone pillars lies in the center of the plain. Inside this ring are a variety of stone structures inlaid with indistinct metals. The purpose and exact design of these structures is unknown, as the stone pillars partially block them from view.

SCP-3912-Alpha is populated by sapient lifeforms homeologically similar to dinosaurs of the Campanian and Maastrichtian1 ages.

These lifeforms, designated SCP-3912-Beta, have several notable differentiations from the dinosaurs they resemble. These include lack of feathers (for theropods), extra limbs, translucent skin, outgrowths of bone (apparently decorative), multiple mouths, and various body parts replaced by metallic constructs.

Addendum 3912.01: Notes on SCP-3912-Beta

Let me preface this by saying that it is rather outside of my usual methods. It's not easy to glean data on a society through a muted window, 14 minutes at a time.

Still, the population of 3912-Beta is something. They have a rather

- Dr. Judith Low

Every 29 days, a large number of SCP-3912-Beta instances converge inside the pillars.

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